Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thank You For Miami Sisters!!!!

Nothing like waiting till the last minute to share my Miami story!!!
First SG Tat deserves a huge thank you because she read my story *Brags, profile I'm guessing*, and she contacted me. In fact, she was so determined to help me she not only replied to my Brags, she emailed me about 10 minutes after that! Smile.
She said it was her Desire to help get me to Miami, I already had plane tickets though, so she started raising money for me.
Next huge thank yous go to my roommates Friday/Saturday SG H SG M and SG R!!!! Totally rockin' Women!!! It was the perfect mix of SGS who've been there before and SG M and I who had just gone through VPBC together. Thursday was also covered, so I am Greatful to a former SG for that!!!! Huge hugs!!
As for the story itself. . .
I got in Thursday night and encountered not one, but two hot Latinos!!! Woo woo woooooo! Can we say ring the alarm!!!!
One was handing out bus transfers, the other drove the cab to Haddon Hall!!
I was able to hop on the net to check in here at and see what was up!! I slept badly due to noisiness, but everything can't be perfect, right? It's Miami! Lol.
Friday I spent in Haddon and than at the Catalina alone. Thank you to SG LA for helping me move and get settled in at the Catalina!!!! You rock Sister!!!!
I got dinner with SG R *thank you!!!!!*, and made my grand entrance to Graduation!!!!!
I have to say it definitely made up for my graduation from high school!!! I loved the energy and the dance breaks and SG RR who ran right up to me and sat down with me!!! Thank you SG RR, it was fabulous meeting you in person!!!! You are totally awesome!!!!!
The entire weekend was emotional for me, it seemed like all I did was cry and then my heart would soar and then I'd cry again!
The reunion with all the Sisters was amazing!! It was sooo wonderful getting to meet everyone I met!!! Names escape me as I didn't have enough time to memorize everyone's voices!! I would have needed at least a week!!! Lol.
Spending time with SG Y Friday night was also wonderful, her working to get me to flirt and me going: "No way, not happenin' not comfortable!!!" At first I saw this as an abject failure but as other SGS pointed out to me, this was just what I needed because I got the chance to Pleasure Research and figure out what I do and don't like. I don't like flirting in crowded places where you can't hear yourself think let alone hear what someone else is saying to you!
She also SC'D with me right there in the middle of the party which felt like I'd been sprung on, but I was eternally Greatful afterwards!!! Thank you SG Y!!!!! Hugest of hugs to you for that Sister!!!!
Because of you and my own fortitude I was able to bring some skills home with me and I used them last night at the Framing Hanley concert!!
I also met Shannan who wasn't there as an SG, but was totally awesome to me!!! We got to talking about my brother and I was amazed at her heartfelt sincere apology for his passing and her knowingness of how much pain his death caused me. I've never met anyone like that before!!! Thank you Shannan!!!
Saturday was an early breakfast *for me*, but another late entry into class!! Lol! I'm Greatful to MG for giving me a chance to speak all three days!!!! You rock Mama!!!!
I'm also Greatful for the lunch I had afterward with SG LR *and her SG Mama D*, SG Mary, and the other SGS at the table!!! I thank you all and SG D again for going shopping with me afterward!!!! It was fabulous!!!! I spent $155 on the little strapless number I wore Sunday to class and I would have never done that 'at the house'!!!
I'm getting ahead of myself here!! Lol. I'm also Greatful to Bill for hanging out Friday night, we did talk after things quieted down! I'm Greatful to Shannan for the kashmir wrap!!!! Has kept me quite warm since!!
I'm Greatful for being taught the YES!!!! move on Saturday, one of the most powerful tools I believe I've ever received, just because of the 'YES' factor!!!!! We aren't taught to yes anything in our lives, so this was huge for me!!!
I hit the beach Saturday though I didn't go in and I'm Greatful to SG D for getting me there!!!!! I'm also Greatful to SG JA who took pictures of me!!!! Thank you Sister!!!!!
I also bought three bracelets and one of SG Tara's Gratitude journals for the children in Zimbabwe! That was an awesome feeling!!
I had Chinese for dinner with SG AL whom I finally got to meet up with, YAY!!! Thank you Sister and to the other two Sisters who ate with us, it was all very enjoyable!!!
Saturday night was of course, the Pink Party which was totally interesting! I had hopped on the Unbound Olympics train and one of the homework pieces was to put a plan in motion to work towards receiving one of your Desires! In my case the Desire I chose was being pregnant with a beautiful healthy Baby Girl, Olivia Maria by 1/14/2012!! So SG H and SG R and I came up with the plan for me to come out of hiding. . . next thing I know Pussy leads me to the stage at the party and all these hands are pulling me up and boom!!! I'm there, on stage!!!! It has definitely left an impression on me, on a cellular level as yesterday at the Framing Hanley concert I Desired to get on that stage!!! Smile.
The music got to be a bit much with a techno backbeat, but I kept up the dancing to the end, booty bumpin' and hip bumpin' thank you to those of you who danced with me!!!!
After that it was off to the Raleigh for skinny dipping!!!! Wooooo wooooo!!!!
I felt liberated, but in a way that I'd be hardpressed to put into words. I wasn't ashamed to strip at all. *waking up in the hospital without underwear 66 times seems to have that effect on some of us*!! But it left it's mark in a way that again went much deeper than being naked in a pool. We held hands in a Desire circle and the bouncing and floating in the water was wonderful!!!! I also Brag I received compliments on my gorgeous boobs twice in one weekend!!!! Never happened before!! Smile.
Sunday I thought I was going to have to CRAWL to class my ankle hurt so bad, but I made it and it was worth it for the last hurrah!!!
I'm Greatful to SG Tara for paying for my room at the Raleigh, you are totally awesome Sister and I adore you!!!!!! You made one of my Desires come true!!!
I'm also Greatful to SG SGB, SG Dana, SG Cookie and any other SG I'm missing for taking me into the ocean!! It was absolutely fabulous out there, to give my Gratitude to the water and realize the importance of standing my ground no matter what!!!!
I'm also Greatful for the SGS *most of whom were in the circle afterwards* this man and SG Dana helped me back to the circle and I was feeling great until this man started Desiring hugs and kisses from the others, then I began to feel afraid and though I didn't speak up it was like they all new because they pulled me into the middle of the circle. I felt so safe and secure in that circle I never Desired to leave it!!! Thank you all sooooo much!!! Words are not enough!!
I'm Greatful to SG Brenda who took me souvenir shopping Sunday night!!! I was showing everything off to Holly yesterday before the concert and she was saying how everything was perfect for me/my style and attitude!! Thank you!!!
I'm Greatful for talking with SG Carey though we didn't make it to a dinner date together!! Next time Sister!!!
I'm Greatful to SG Kim and SG HM for dinner at the Mediterreanian place!!! $133 on dinner, but it was one totally awesome dinner of fillet mignon, chocolate moose, chocolate meltdown cake, fingerling potatoes and fresh cheese with organic tomatoes!! Heeeeeeello!!!!! Smile. It was aaaaaaaamaaaaaazing!!!! And a French waiter!!! Whoa!!!! Who new????
It was a late night and I was thrilled to have a room and a king-sized bed to myself!!!! Never had that before either!! Alot of firsts on this trip!!! SG Tat got up with me Monday morning, helped with a cab and getting my bags downstairs!! I'm Greatful to you for seeing me off, thank you!!!!
The cabby was awesome, got me a Woman to take me through airport security who reminded me of SG Y *personality wise*, and of an SG all 'round!! She kissed and hugged a couple guys and when one of the guards Desired me to stand up and walk through she declared: "She can't walk!! You see the cane? *takes it from me and holds it up*!! Lol. She cannot walk!" A second male guard tried his hand and the first one said: "Forget it, I already tried. She is not coming out of that wheelchair." Finally a female guard came over, walked me through and patted me down while I sat!! This unnamed Woman took my shoes off, and tied them once I got them back on, she took my pouch off and put it back on, took my bag and laptop and phone, took everything out and put it all back!! This is huge for me because before Miami I would have felt like I 'had' to be independent. I can't have all these sighted people thinking I'm an invalid. In the VI *visually impaired* community just like in the sighted community, it's all about appearances. We aren't weak, we aren't stupid and we NEVER need help from sighted people, we can make our own way!! Of course then there's the other extreme *haven't heard of the National Federation for the Blind and wouldn't like them if they did*, because why make waves when they can sit at home and have their parents bathe them and wash their clothes and make their dinner for them? So there's two extremes and I've always tried to figure out where the hell I stood. Not a big fan of the NFB in the sense that they think sighted people are useless, but they have been very helpful in making websites and other things accessible to us. So. . . I Brag that I let go Monday and didn't think about the NFB or the non-NFB'ers, I just let go and let Goddess and felt no guilt whatsoever!!
I made it home safely and received the last of the money Friday in a check from SG Tat.
Thank you all again, I am eternally Greatful and Miami would not be what it was without all of you helping!!
Count me in for the SG commune!! Smile.
I came home and it's been one hell of a shock trying to integrate here. The family wanted to hang on me Monday and it took all I had to be polite and not say: "Get the fuck away from me! I hate you and wish I'd never come back here!" and that was BEFORE I found out Dad's answer about rent!!! Lol.

Monday, November 7, 2011

11-10-11 Miami As I Picture It!

So SG PR Melinda gave me a suggestion when I asked her how to find the meaning in my life *the current one* a week and a half ago or so and that suggestion was to either dive off the high dive by asking my Dad to allow me to keep my rent for the next 6 months *see my Bravest Holy Trinity Yet*!! OR to start off in the shallow end of the pool I could unpack my barbies and make them play out the life I Desire to have in the future.
Well, I dove off and asked Dad about the rent, waiting on the results of that. . . So I also decided to stick my toe in the shallow end of the pool and start off writing about How I Desire Miami to turn out!!
I don't own any barbies. Lol. Writing is definitely my platform anyway, I'm much better at writing and really like it as long as I'm writing for myself and not someone else. Plus, this isn't the first time I've heard of this exercise. SG Lissa has also recommended it in her Get Out Of Your Own Way!! booklet and modules. Only she describes it as playing a movie in your head of how you Desire your life to be. Writing to me is what movies and dreams are to others though, so I picked writing.
So, without further adieu DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!! Here is how my first day in Miami turns out, as pictured BEFOREHAND by me!!
I Brag I woke up completely refreshed today!!! It was 9AM and I wasn't draggin' butt!!!!
I Brag I got myself all packed yesterday and so today was a morning of relaxation!
I spent a couple hours with Dad bullshiting and joking around. We had a pancake breakfast at McDonalds and I was feeling completely at ease about getting from one airport to another. We got to Flint Bishop International a little after 12PM and I flirted my way through security!! The officers were mesmerized and thrilled to have me in their midst!!! I got through security with grace and was led to the waiting area.
I had about 20 minutes to spare and there was a hot Tamale Man sitting next to me!! Mexican, hair done up in dreads he was heading back home to San Antonio Texas!!! Bingo!!! SERIOUS driftwood for my own Desire to move to San Antonio!!! His accent rolled over me in waves and I nearly flirted him right out of his pants!!! Hahahaha!! We talked about the weather in TX and Miami verses Michigan. . . who new the weather could hold sooo many euphemisms for ahem. . . other things????? Lol! He said he was single but not currently looking. . . No matter, I got to practice my Womanly Art of Flirtation and that's all that counts!!
Time flew by and he walked me to the counter where we got our boarding passes! Turns out we both had to take connecting flights so we'd get to hang together!!! Then when we got on the plane I found out we were even seated next to each other!!! Fancy that!!
For the next half an hour I had one spicy conversation with Tamale Man. . . At one point I was mid sentence and he leaned over and kissed me! Just like that!! I new about being 'unbound' but I thought that happened, IN MIAMI!! I didn't realize I had any power to bring it before Miami!!!
I smiled widely, leaned forward and whispered in his ear in my most sultry voice: "What happened???? I thought you weren't looking Tamale Man. . ."
He lost any pretense and burst out laughing!
"Tamale Man? Seriously?"
I Grinned. "Yes, you heard me. . ."
His voice purred with Pleasure even though I made him laugh.
He said he wasn't used to getting a nickname so quickly. I pointed out that he hadn't given me his name. He said. . . ready for it!! He said his name was ELIAS!!! To top it off, he had a hot Tamale waiting for me alright!!!~!
Now it was my turn to crack up laughing!!!
"Didn't you give it a name or something? ELIAS JR or??"
"Or what?"
"Or. . . I don't know! Didn't you name it is my question!"
He laughed.
"Maybe I did, maybe I didn't."
"Oh, so that's how you're gonna play it. . ."
He chuckled. Then he grabbed my hand and kissed the back of it. Ahhhhh!!!! How'd he know????? Now I'm all tingly!!!
We carried on talking about nothing and everything. Turns out he's a huge NONPOINT fan himself!! Woohoo!! And of course, loves rock music in general!!! Yumyumyum!!! Now there's my purrfect catch!!
When we landed in Detroit he walked me to my connecting flight even though he had his own flight to catch!! We embraced for long moments and he told me to give him my cell. I HAD NOT planned on this, but I handed it over anyway and he input his number!! I have speed dial so his number was number 3, right after Dad's!! Not that I'll ever tell Dad this!! He told me to call him when I got home. He Desires to help me make the move!!
Before VPBC I would have been seriously concerned about this!!!!! Truth is though, he's a really nice guy and has left me feeling completely comfortable with him, which doesn't happen often!!
He thinks I'm an inspiration and EVERYONE NEEDS to hear my story! He's 30 and a freelance reporter!!! I'm sitting here in my hotel room pinching myself!!! I can't believe it!!! He was in michigan visiting family! He has a Baby Daughter to!!!! Again, more driftwood for my own Baby Girl I Desire!!! He and her mother broke up while she was pregnant. Eliana is 1 now and they just celebrated her BDay a week ago! I couldn't stop awwing and ahhing! I'm such a drooling fool when it comes to Babies!! He thinks it's adorable!
I had a two and a half hour wait for my connecting flight and he almost missed his own flight so caught up were we!
And here I was slightly displeased at my 'long wait'!! He said he wasn't prone to just leaning over and kissing someone. That just hadn't been his style. I asked him why he did it. I'm not sure I meant to ask it just kind of rushed out of me! Bad impulse control apparently! Lol. He said he didn't even know why. I just looked beautiful and I was glowing!
We hugged again and he kissed me AGAIN!!! Then the poor guy had to RUN to catch his flight!!! I waved. . . wonderers are now wondering!! Will anything happen next?
I caught my connecting flight from Detroit. I sat in a window seat and a Woman with a Baby sat next to me!! Did I mention DRIFTWOOD yet???? I Brag I wasn't shy or nervous!! I started chatting her up about where she was going and it turns out she was flying back to meet up with her husband. She had been staying with her family while he was deployed in Iraq and now that he was coming home to Miami she was ready to go back! She hadn't Desired to be alone and pregnant or alone with a new Baby. Baby started to fuss so I asked if I could hold her. She let me!!! Eeeeekkkk!!! I was sooooo excited!! Her name is Ana Elise. . . mmmmm think I like it!!  When I took Spanish in high school my Spanish name was Ana and my math teacher Mister W *whom I had a huge crush on called me Anaelese. Lol.
She fell asleep in my arms and her mom Maria was able to get in a nap as well! I was thrilled to be of service!!
It turned out I didn't use my Ipod once this whole trip because I was occupied talking to strangers the whole time!!
I got in ahead of time at around 8:30 though I'd been told before we wouldn't be getting in until 8:54! Woohoo!!
I had a fabulous SG escort to dinner and then here to my hotel with yet another SG!!!!
She was so fabulous to open her doors to me!!!! Hugest of hugs Sister!!
So here I am writing and thinking about bed soon.
I caaaan't waaaait for tomorrow!!!! I'm soooooo excited I can bearly contain myself!!!
I Desire a fabulous sleep tonight to be prepared and rejuvinated for tomorrow!!!
With Love,
SG Chelle