About Me

I started blogging because I had a strong desire for connection. While I still have that desire, I also have an intense desire to inspire.

I was born with a birth defect called a Tessier Cleft. Think of a baked potato without the sour cream, chives, cheese and bacon bits, AKA the good stuff, and you'll have an idea of what I looked like when I was born.

In lay terms,, my face was wide open. It wasn't properly formed when I was in utero, and because of that, I've required 66 surgeries thus far to repair it. Bone grafts, skin grafts, cartilage from a bottle. . .

You name it, I've probably had it in my body!

You may be wondering why that's inspirational. Along with the facial defect itself, I was also born without eyes. Yes, that's right, a blind blogger. Have you heard of such a thing????? Well you have now! They gave me 72 hours tops to see if I'd 'make it'. When we hit the 72 hour mark they informed my parents that I would be brain damaged, physically sick and weak, and just generally not smart, bright, and incapable of doing anything but lying on my bed drooling. Not so fast!

Though I was drowning in my mother's amniotic fluid because of my face being split wide open, I was pulling out my feeding tube by Saturday. Born on Tuesday 1/14/1986 at what was then Saginaw General Hospital, taken by ambulance *thanks to a bounced check my grandmother wrote* two hours away to Motts Children's Hospital, by the time my mother had healed up enough to come see me 4 days later, I was yanking out my feeding tube and telling the nurses to 'take that!'. With a cleft lip and palate I still was able to drink from a bottle, though it was a special one, and when they broke my ankle to repair my clubbed foot a few months later I was kicking off casts faster then they could put them on. My mother has one, my Father has one and I believe both sets of grandparents had them as well!

I went to public schools, graduated 6 months ahead of my class in December 2003 despite being punched, kicked and spit on, and well. . .here I am blogging!

I've been working on my autobiography since 2005 and WILL have it out one day!! In fact, I already gave it to a prominent rock band's frontman who said if he had the money to cover all the costs he'd have it published already.

So back to inspiration. That is a pretty inspirational story if I do say so myself, especially. . . Wait for it. . . Considering I'm one of only between 10-20 people in the WORLD with this exact story. Yes, you read that right. So just imagine if you met me. You'd be meeting a rare person indeed. Tons of people have tons of struggles, but a Tessier Cleft, not so much.

That's not to say I'm not like the rest of you 20-somethings. My parents divorced when I was 18, but split up off and on 3 times before that. Talk about no stability! I've had cats and dogs die, been in a car accident, been in love, though it wasn't reciprocated *the worst kind of love there is*, and have a bad tendency of swearing, while not often, when it does happen it's like Eminem meets a sailor or a soldier! So yes, I am. normal. Though what kind of normal is open for debate. I am, I suppose, MY NORMAL, and that's really the only kind of normal there is. We are each normal, in our own normal ways of being normal.

Thank you for reading! I hope you find me delightful, and elegant, and yet decadent and sensual. Like a Reese Peanut Buttercup. Remember. . .There's no wrong way, to eat a Reese!


  1. You are a rare person indeed. Congratulations for your blog, this is truly fantastic!
    SG Aphrodite's Daughter

  2. I have seen you on the board, and I want to welcome you to this community. I think and hope the trip to Miami will bring you the best experience you ever had. I admire your strength and wish you all the best.

    Sending you love
    SG Katrina

  3. Oh yes, Michelle. When the spirit is strong, the world better look out! My dad was born extremely premature with complications and "they" the doctors predicted he would not live more than 2 weeks. Doctors are NOT always right and I LOVED reading your story and how you proved them oh so wrong.

    I will see you soon in Miami, at our Graduation!!!

    ;) XO SG Desire Slut Mata Hari, Rachel