Saturday, October 15, 2011


She stood over the third body this week. Three bodies, 7 days. . . this wasn't good.
And it was only going to get worse.
Her radio crackled to life. It was the Captain.
"We got a fourth vic Mel. Corner of Serano and Pedro."
She sighed.
"K Cap. . . Be there when I'm finished here."
She looked down again. Why a little girl? What could a little girl possibly do that would warrant being abused like this? She remembered reading a book on a rap star. The author noted that men were believed to be much more violent than women. Apparently not true.
Mel headed back to the car. She wondered where the hell her partner was! He was supposed to be her partner anyway. . . bastard had missed again! She slammed the car door. She'd fill him in later.
The fourth vic was another adult. Back to adults??? Why pick a child at all then!!
Now it was 4 bodies in one week, two in one day! If she had thought it wasn't good before, it really wasn't good now.
Mira smiled to herself. She had cooked up the best plan yet and couldn't wait for her twin Mel to find out. She clapped her hands together and shouted "Yaaaaay!!!" to her silent apartment. Mel was a seasoned homicide detective. Mira was a seasoned. . . well, Mel would find out soon what she was.
She hopped in her truck prepared to drop off 8 more vics. The only downside. . . she should have dumped them sooner. They were decaying and it didn't exactly smell like roses! She's have to wash the truck bed down after she left them. Even better than that though, was where she would leave them. . . Mel's doorstep and better still??? The DNA Mel's cop buddies would find. . . would be Mel's!!!! She smiled to herself again. Oh she couldn't wait for this little discovery!!

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