Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Apocalypse 2012????

This week is Armageddon week on History II *cable channel 203 on my local Charter Channel lineup*.
I've been watching the Nostradamus Prophecies, and tonight their showing the 7 Signs of Apocalypse.
I watch all this not because I believe it, but because I can handle it and it doesn't scare the shit out of me.
Everything that has been discussed tonight has happened before. The threat of another ice age *everyone learns about the ice age in school*, asteroids hitting earth, meteors or commets or any other such catastrophe from the sky has happened before, along with ocean tides rising and volcanoes erupting. Wars, famines, plagues?? All already happened/happening. So the only difference here would be the 'bigness' if you will of the catastrophe. So volcanic eruptions covered 30% of the earth last time? This time they'll cover 80%.
Now that's just me creating numbers, but my point is this. I've also read alot of Sylvia Brown books. According to Sylvia the Mayans ran out of ink, which is why the calendar stops at December 21st 2012.
So what if she's right? What if Nostradamus is also right and while some of his prophecies have come to pass, what if other prophecies were warnings? I don't think it's to far fetched for me to ask this question, after all even the Bible talks of human beings having this thing we refer to as FREE WILL!!!! So what if Nostradamus and the people who wrote Revelations and Sylvia Brown and Edgar Casey are really saying this: "The year 2012 is a year of raising global consciousness. It's a year of change and we have a golden opportunity here. *Not to get all cliched on you but nonetheless. . .* We have a chance to change how we treat ourselves and each other. Now, it is up to you to read what we've written and watch the programs people have created and decide for yourselves which way you Desire the world to go. The world can either end in agony or end in Peace. How do you want it?"
I'm definitely not belittling the things that have happened to us all, there have been a great number of tragedies in the world. I do criticize my fellow human beings for burying their heads in the sand though and thinking that global warming is a crock and that we can go on raping the earth and Mother Nature and God aren't going to stop us eventually.
I don't dispute that the world will end one day either. What is it we're told from a very young age? All good things must come to an end. Ok, so they'll end and they do. But I believe that HOW they end is something we can impact and put our stamp on.
Generally speaking, I confess to not being the most optomistic person. I'm not the most pesimistic either. . . But it occurs to me that all these things appear to be meant to put the fear into us, unless we start trying to view them in a different light. I don't know about you, but I'd rather decide that I have a choice and I can affect change than decide we're doomed and lock myself in a basement somewhere staying high as a kite and waiting for the end.
Finally, if I'm wrong and the world does end 12/21/2012, there's still nothing to be afraid of. We'll move on. Now whether you believe in God, Allah, the afterlife or that we all turn into ash is no concern of mine.
Point is, we'll move on and you won't have time to be crying about your death because guess what!!! YOU'LL BE DEAD!!!
Just my two cents for what their worth.

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