Thursday, December 29, 2011

Doing What I Desire How I Desire!!

I had this brilliant idea, and really, I didn't have it, rather it was suggested to me repeatedly by one and another specialists in their various fields of expertise that I write out how I Desire my future to be. With 2012 being the last year I plan to endure life in the family house I grew up in, or rather, did the last part of my growing up in, I thought at the time that it sounded like a great idea! Of course, now it's December 29th and I've gotten exactly one day written up, January 1st. Beyond that, I have no idea how I Desire my year to go and writing out a DAY BY DAY 'list' of how I Desire it to go sounds completely boring and I've run out of time to 'get it done' before January 1st arrives anyway.
I confess to not completely abandoning the idea, however I'm also working towards recovery from a cold and having been under the weather my creativity isn't exactly flourishing. It's more like: "Hire someone to write it up for me and I'll sleep for another 6 weeks or so!"
Hm. . . Not exactly functioning, right? My thoughts exactly.
So I propose instead that I 1. Take my time and 2. write something totally outlandish!
I further propose that I'll only include details when I feel like it and skip them when I don't! You don't need to know how I ended up in bed with a frontman for a kick-ass rock band, all you need to know is who put what where when and how fantastic it felt!
That definitely frees up my schedule a bit now doesn't it! *enter the voice of sarcasm here*

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