Saturday, March 24, 2012

Back To Bragging!!!

I Brag that I worked out on the treadmill today for over an hour and have been almost every day for the past three weeks!! And when I say almost, I mean I've missed ONE day completely and there was one day where I only walked for about a half an hour!
I Brag that during my walk I spent 10 minutes spring cleaning on anger!
I Brag that after that I spent another 5 minutes or so coming up with affirmations and repeating them each 10 times!!!
These have been used by others I'm certain, but I waited and actually thought about them until they came to me!
I Brag I didn't force them out of me!
If they weren't working then I came up with something else!
These included:
"I love being healthy!"
"I deserve love!"
"I am beautiful!"
I later altered this to say:
"I am beautiful, bold, strong and confident!"
I'm usually not one for long, drawn out wordy affirmations *though this is exactly how I write letters and blog posts!!! Lol* but these felt right so I went with them irregardless of how long they were!
"I shall receive all that I Desire!!"
I Brag that after my SC session I ended with a BGD as well!
I Brag that sometime last week I had expressed a Desire to untangle myself from the leader of this creation and instead retain an objective stance so that I could take advantage of BGDS and SC'ing whenever I need to.
I Brag it's working!!
I Brag at the end of my affirmations I remembered and acknowledged that I'm the only one who can determine whether or not I have a good day and I vowed to make the rest of this day as fabulous as humanly possible!!
I Desire to fill it with laughter, joy and happiness!!
I Brag I'm the shiiiiiit!!!
I Brag I found a Great Alternative radio station a couple weeks ago, 90's Alternative through radio tuner and it is Greeeeeeeaaaaaaat!!!
I Brag their playing Harvy Danger "Flag Pole Sitta" right now and I'm thrilled!!
I Brag that I got Sadie's fur cut Tuesday and she looks beautiful!!
She shivers like a chihuahua though! She's a CockerSpaniel or so they say! Lol.
She is but I pick on her since she shivers.
Rebecca calls her a squirrel and Dad calls her his little brown cow. Lol!
It's a miracle she even knows she's a Dog!
Finally, I Brag I'm in the process of making my name change legal!
I just got the paper from the Saginaw News stating that they ran the ad last Sunday!!
It actually ran last Saturday, but online it said it was updated Sunday.
So woohoo for me!!
Fingerprints and background check are already underway!
I Brag my court date is set for Monday 5/7 at 1:30!

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  1. Been a while, you R still awesome, Michelle. Rock ON