Friday, August 31, 2012

20 Questions from 2011

1. Your absolute favorite food you could never live without…

2. The book that changed your life…
My own life story is changing my life.

3. How you stay fit…
My balanced diet consists of a Reese in each hand. Lol. Seriously, dance breaks.

4. Your favorite way to relax…
Relax?? What's that? Whether I'm listening to music or watching TV I
can feel the tention in my shoulders. Concerts I would have to say.
I've become so blissed out I've actually stood against the barrier
rail just across from the stage and forgot to sing along. *I sing
along with every single song typically, but I've had a few moments
where I completely forgot and got lost in the singer's voice*.

5. Milk or dark chocolate…
MILK, all the way!!!!!

6. Red or white wine…
Neither, unless people are up for cleaning the mess off the rug. I
can't stand the taste! Lol.

7. One thing you love about your body…
My hair!

8. One thing you dislike about your body…
After surgery on my palate or involving my mouth or tongue, my voice
changes and I really notice it when I start trying to sing again, I
HATE that! Luckily it goes away as I heal.

9. What is your self-care ritual…
Lol. Working on maintaining one! Right now it's a bath. Even if I
forget everything else, I bathe nearly every day, and occasionally

10. What keeps you up at night…
Hoping that I won't be here forever, I mean, in the same place I'm in
now. I'm still more afraid of not succeeding than I've ever been of

11. What do you secretly wish you could change about your life/yourself…
I'd become the patron Saint of patience if I could, and let go and let
God/The Universe/whoever ALWAYS!

12. What is your biggest struggle…
Believing my mottos I've adopted for myself: Example: "Failure is
success turned inside out."

13. What’s on your iPod…
SEETHER, NONPOINT, NIN, NIRVANA. *Tons more*. The thing is chalked to
overflowing, can't fit anything else on it.

14. No one would guess you…
I didn't even guess this about myself. I've reached a point in my life
where there's only THREE people whose opinions matter to me. I mean,
truly, sincerely, if they didn't believe in me I would temporarily
feel shattered. My Dad, ELI and Holl.

15. Your secret skill…
No idea.

16. Proudest moment…
Meeting rockstars are my proudest moments!

17. Guiltiest pleasure…
Overindulging in my Reeses.

18. The superpower you dream of possessing…

19. If you could say one thing to your 16-year-old self it’d be…
Quit trying so damn hard to kill yourself. It didn't work the first
6-8 times, it won't work this time. The Universe is bricking you every
time, just trying to get you to listen. Things will be much easier if
you just flow with it.

20. Your best advice…
Close your eyes and see your partner with your heart, soul and hands.

Follow your intuition.

Explore nature with your entire being. Forget about your sight for a
few hours and use your other four senses.

Grant yourself the grace to simply be on your darkest days.

Realize that the only one you have control over is yourself and the
only one you can help is yourself. You are not responsible for what
other people think, say or do. They are walking their own path and you
are walking yours.

Never lose your sense of humor. It may be the only thing you have left
in a crisis.

Be gentle with your children. Speak kindly to them and reprimand them
in a way that builds character.

Learn from your animals. Sometimes you need to just rub your head on
the floor and put your tail in the air!

Say "I love you" every day and mean it. Hold tightly to your best friends.

Learn to see change as a positive force, something you can use for good.

When angry, learn to take five and return ready to talk calmly.

Speak without offending, listen without defending.

Share your opinions, but allow others to share theirs as well. Keep an
open mind.

Love without reservation.

Learn from your past, but don't hold it against your future.

Use your words so that you always retain your power.

No one can make you feel anything; you are allowing them to make you
feel something.

Don't be afraid to reach out to others and ask for help. Realize that
when doing so, you are simply being human. You are not being weak.

Don't use "work" to hide from yourself or isolate yourself from others.

Put away your cell phones during dinner, whether it's at a fancy
restaurant or McDonalds, please! Be present at all times, as much as
you possibly can. Once this moment is gone, you can't get it back,

Don't be afraid to cry, a full on wailing howling cry when necessary.

Inner beauty will always win out over outer beauty in the long run.

Never stop pushing yourself to grow.

Balance yourself evenly with work and play, whenever possible.

Learn how to truly accept compliments.

Feed your mind, nourish your soul, cherish your body, commune with your spirit.

Never give up on yourself; sometimes you may be your only supporter.

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