Monday, May 27, 2013

Dear Aunt Margaret

I feel fortunate that I didn't leave anything unsaid to you. Perhaps
that's kind of self-serving. . . it's also true.
Having said that, I did make you a promise. I promised to visit you today.
I want you to know I was there in spirit and that I was staying at
mom's so I could come see you today.
I also hope I was able to provide you with a modicum of comfort
Saturday. I'm still feeling somewhat stunned, as I knew it'd be fast.
. . just not this fast. I'm feeling a bit numb and a bit not. Tearful
and I don't even know what else.
I said there was nothing unsaid, but I do want to reiterate my
gratitude for everything you did for me.
I remember you babysitting Fur and I, going to the park and those
tapes you recorded for me of Frog and Toad's Adventures and Whinney
the Pooh. You had me loving Pooh before I even knew about the TV show!
I have always loved and respected you, though Goddess knows I didn't
call or write.
It's interesting, after a person dies we always say we're going to do
better, but 99% of us don't. I won't sit here and say I'll do better
in the sense that I'll write and call people more often then I do now,
what I will say is that I will tell them all the important things
daily (immediate family) and I will tell extended family when I see
On that note I need to thank L for listening to me praddle on a few
weeks ago when I visited you.
With all my love,
Niece Chelle

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