Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thoughts on a Blog

I've been following Lissa Rankin for years. She's a fantastic blogger,
author, doctor and so on and so forth!
Her blog today was about her writer's journey.
It got me thinking. . .
I to want to be published. Not badly, I'm not jumping at it anymore,
but my story is worth sharing and well. . . dammit! I deserve to be up
there with a bunch of best selling authors!
On the other hand. . . she was discussing keeping the faith, whatever
that looks like for each individual, in the idea that the Universe is
always there, always listening and working over time to support us
That's all well and good, it really is. . .
I just find myself wondering though, if there are certain things that
I will have, without question, then why the fuck am i taking the long
way around!!!?
Things I will have include:
A Baby, Olivia Marie.
A partner, name only semi-important. I'll take an Elias or something
like that. . . something hot and sexy!
I will be published, book title "The Messenger Unveiled".
So how did I end up at Naropa getting an education in childcare and psychology?
Where is Olivia Marie and Elias or. . . Sexy?
I did, when I was younger, wish to work with children. I still do,
work however, isn't exactly the right word. . .
If Sexy has a million dollar a year job, which he will, I will be able to
1. Have Olivia Marie.
2. Travel the world helping children and animals, without a degree.
And 3. Get my book published and do public speaking so that I will
have my own money.
Er. . . and 4. Have at least 3 adopted children and a house full of
rescue animals.
So I ask you again Universe, how did I end up at Naropa? How exactly,
does this fit into my plan?
With confusion, annoyance, and also love and an open heart,

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