Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Epic Poem: White Privilege, based on Robert Campbell's Work

Death, despair, the end!
Suicide, murder of self, of the other.
Must leave! Run! Escape! Flee!
Naropa! Land of opportunity!

Drumming, chanting!
Belong not at sublet,
belong at Naropa!
End all, be all, holy grail!

Not holy no grail, class misery.
Race, sex, religion.
Not fair! Nothing is fair!
No justice, just injustice!

Feeling of white trash.
Guilt washes over me.
I am half, othered and separated! Again.
blind but half white.

Daddy is brown
Mommy is white
I am confused
Why am I even here?

I input and develop things and people
I am empathetic and responsible
Are these things really strenths?
Feels like just another burden to carry.

I am priviliged?
Blind, mixed race, overweight and disfigured face,
but I am half white, therefore I am priviliged
Bisexual, maybe not even bisexual, but just sexual
and yet I am priviliged because I speak English and can pass for a white woman

Living in poverty,
my family, unable to vacation without using the Christmas money to travel
Under threat of foreclosure and may lose my dear sweet KittyKitty,
but I am priviliged because I can get an education

Education not necessarily wanted let alone deserved,
Rather volunteer my whole life
rock and hold babies,
care for animals

Take this education and do good!
Even if doing good will suck my soul right out of me,
smother and bury me in others' pain,
Do good; for that is why I am here, to do good!

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