Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Bitch Speaks 1!

Ok, actually have happy things to write on, but an argument that occured earlier tonight won't rest until I say what I need to.
If I had spoken to this whore instead of walking away this is what I WOULD HAVE said:
"Don't you ever fuckin' disrespect me again because I WILL destroy you! I will rip your throat out, gut you and bury your ass! You think you're queen bee? You're nothing to me! You're a piece of shit, in fact, lower than a piece of shit! You don't want me running interference between you and your fucking kids, shut them the fuck up! Quit using the lame ass excuse that their 'kids' and take them in hand.
And keep this in mind: you aren't always here, you CAN'T always protect them! And if they act around me the way they do around you, I will bust their asses and keep them in their room and if you utter one word of complaint about it when you get home, I'll knock your ass out!
I have NO loyalty towards you, I don't care what you do for me! I only extend any kind of courtesy to you AT ALL because we both live here and I DON'T wish to make trouble for Dad, but you ever cross me again and mark my words, I WILL lay my hands on you! Jail DOES NOT scare me! So carry on at your own risk!
Fuck you!"

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