Thursday, April 26, 2012

Brags and Affirmations!

I'm baaaack!! Smile.
I said I had some Bragging to do, so here she be!!
I Brag that I've made it to at least 1,000 with all my Affirmations!!!
Thus far they are:
"I love working out!"
"I lose weight easily and effortlessly!"
"I open my heart to love!"
"I will meet SHAUN MORGAN Saturday 4/14!"
And today's,
"I'm ready to confront my fears!"
Why 1,000 at least?
Because I participated in an online workshop where the Woman who ran it
over at
Natalie said that it takes the brain 1,000 times of repetition in order for it to start believing what you're telling it.
There's a looong ass story about alpha brainwaves, beta brain waves, delta brain waves, and thaita brainwaves, but without going into all that, this is the short of it.
Now, the flip side is that you can meditate like CRAZY, but meditation and I get along about as well as routine and I get along, so I have opted for this latter, though probably 'more difficult' way of doing things.
It isn't difficult for me though, because I say my Affirmations while working out on the treadmill or bike, and it helps keep me motivated.
I count off in increments of 10 until I get to 100, then 200, 300 and so forth. When I get to 1,000 I get all excited and jump up and down and congratulate myself.
While doing all this I'm so busy my brain has ALOT less time to think: "I wonder what time it is? Can I be done with this damn workout yet!!!??? I could check the clock just once to see what time it is. It won't hurt me. . ." Of course, when I do check the clock my brain goes into overdrive thinking: "Seriously? You've got to be kidding me! WTF is this???!!!"
Or rather, it did do that for a time. Now I actually find it is EASIER to workout. I wouldn't say I'm enthusiastic every day, but it's easier than when we first got the treadmill and the bike and I got on and said: "I fucking hate this! I fucking hate this! This is bullshit! I ought to be able to say 'drop the weight! and poof it's gone!"
So I say this is a much better alternative indeed! Lol.
I actually finished my confronting fear Affirmation before my workout was done so I went back to losing weight effortlessly.
I stopped at 1,100.
So in other words, I was at 1,000, then went back to it this evening when I was done with my fear Affirmation and got in another 100 repeats to finish out my workout.
I Brag I've attended my second protest last week on tax day, 4/17 for anyone living under a rock! Lol.
It was a tax the 1% rally in Flint, though there was only a handful of people in attendence. It definitely wasn't like anything going on in NYC or D.C, but I did have fun!
I Brag I smiled at people as they drove by!
My policy, to be cheerful and friendly when interacting with the public/those who are like me!
I Brag a friend of mine filled out an application for me to start receiving transportation from MTA in Flint and she also put me in touch with another Woman who may be able to help me get transportation into Saginaw!
This is Great because then I'll have access to animal shelters and daycare centers where I can volunteer, plus if rallies are being held I'll have access to them as well!!
All in all it works out fabulously!!
I Brag that when I went to the doc today and found out I'd gained 3 pounds back, I was 203 last week and am at 206 this week, I automatically turned it! I may be 206, but I am not 214! That's where I was when I started. I'm inclined to think my highest weight of all was 220/223, but I'd need my medical records to confirm. My lowest was 197 and that was a year or two ago.
I Desire to get to 197 and then beyond!!
I Desire to keep  on with Finer Minds and MindMovies for as long as they prove helpful!
I Desire to confront my fears as I stated earlier, to keep an open heart and welcome love and be a channel for love to flow freely!
I Desire to meet SHAUN MORGAN from SEETHER the next time he comes through MI!!!!!
I Desire to get my period back monthly!!
I Desire to live a pill free life unless they are absolutely necessary to my survival!
I'm Greatful to Natalie, SH, K, Holl, Dad, The Great Pussy in the Sky, the Universe, Mother/Father God, SHAUN, LIV, Cap. Cragen, and the list goes on!
I'm Greatful for their love, bravery *in the case of SVU*, help/support, funny antics, for the laughter they provide and the rage certain people on this list fill me with at times, for it gives me plenty of chances to learn how to deal constructively and overcome my current limits.

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