Sunday, November 4, 2012

Healing Ceremony

Originally posted: Thu, Dec 2, 2010 at 4:13 PM Thought about just up and deleting this, but have re-organized and will post on my blog instead. No sense in letting go of them dreams!! Pinkies!!, I'm wondering if anyone else would be interested in some type of healing ceremony? I'll be up front, I have no idea what it will look like, it may even just be discussing it over the phone or online, for now, but I'd like to have a ceremony to release all the pain I've been carrying around! Perhaps the title needs to be Pain Release Ceremony instead? Anyway, I'm looking on a small scale & a large scale. My ideal releasing ceremony would be one where I have a place to stay, like a retreat center for a weekend, a week, a place where I can yell & scream & cry, even have people made out of cardboard that I could rip up, or things that I could break with my music blaring in the background. However, small scale, I'm thinking maybe just talking about what a pain releasing ceremony might look like for others so that I can get more ideas. The ideas could be used in this moment for me to release some of it since thinking on a large scale is a larger project that will take more time/effort/money to put together. So co-creation, discussion of releasing pain, sharing ideas & the like. Eventually this will be much larger, even possibly a rock opera as was suggested by Amy *Mamamorphosis*. I have NO idea how to create that, but I do like the idea as rock music is so huge in my life, I pretty much live, breathe, eat & sleep it, so it's without question a great medium to work in at some point. If anything isn't clear, please let me know! As I said, this all just came up literally today, so I know there's room for changes & tweaking to take place. At this moment, the only structure is to start talking sooner rather then later. Even if there isn't interest in pain releasing itself, perhaps someone would be interested enough just to listen to me babble? Lol! Much love, Chelle

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