Friday, February 3, 2012

"Calling in The One" Work

I'm listening to a book by Catherine Woodward Thomas called "Calling in the One".
It's about calling "The One" into your life.
Among all my various and sundry posts I'll be sharing posts on this topic as well.
Just a tiny note for my readers so they don't wonder what's going on!
I haven't given up on my surgery posts either, though the feeling there has been dry for a while. I haven't given up on creating my life posts *inventing my future in other words* either, but dragging my feet is definitely more like me.
It's funny how the brain works. . . I Desire a partner, I Desire to be recognized for my achievements, I Desire to create a new future for myself etc, and yet my brain, like everyone else's has sabotoge on it's. . . er. . . mind. This naturally means I have to fight my brain in order to post anything here.
Sometimes creating a post for this blog is like pulling a tooth without novacaine! Other times, I post one post and think of 20 more I could write right then and there!
So my Desire is to push through this resistance and post post post!!!!
Thank you for reading!

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