Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Meditation On Thoughts in the Shower

I've decided that taking a shower is both the best and WORST part of my day, sometimes more than once a day! *Can't help it, the power of the great showerhead is one hell of a motivator*!!! But I digress!!
The shower seems to be my place for thinking! I have no idea why this is, but there you have it.
So while I was in the shower tonight I was thinking about this blog.
It is my sincerest Desire that this blog will somehow, some way make money one day. Of course, this means I'm breaking all the rules because I'm not writing for an online how to site, which means this blog is my thoughts all the time!
Secondly, I DO NOT insert spaces between paragraphs, or more accurately, I DO, but when I cut and paste my blog from my email into my blog, the editing function DOES NOT! *PAIN IN THE ASS*!
Nevertheless, that is my Desire.
This lead directly into my next thought which was on bullies, bullying, etc.
I've been hearing Shinedown's new song "Bully!" for 2--3 weeks now! Great song by the way! And for at least a year there's been talk of bullies online and offline. I must confess, my immediate and visceral reaction was:
"Where the fuck was all this 'we're against bullies!' talk when I was standing at the bathroom sink at chesaning middle school in chesaning michigan scrubbing the spitwad some bastard had just hocked at me 14 years ago off my face!???? Where was the 'It Gets Better' campaign then???
I'm thrilled to know outreach groups exist! DO NOT mistake my words! I. AM. ECSTATIC!!! However, if I said I was only thrilled and not enraged!!! I'd be lying.
My second reaction was the thrilling one.
This thought lead into a third.
How deep am I willing to go on this blog? I'm working on my autobiography "The Messenger Unveiled" and I go DEEP there. And honestly, I go deep here to. Just take a look at my Swamprot post! So I go deep! But was I willing to go deep on a blog celebrities WILL read?
I say WILL read, because I've made a vow to myself to act as if! Another way of saying: 'Fake it till I make it.'
So did I Desire their managers to read this? Their representatives, them??? How about someone from Congress? Or the President himself?
Considering the discrimination I've faced and witnessed others face I seriously had to think about it.
Of course, two seconds later I thought: "To hell with it! Singers do it all the time!" Eminem most notably, but others to! If I'm going to get backlash I might as well start and end that way! No point hiding it until I myself am in the spotlight doing public speaking and the like.
I was drying off when I thought: "Yeah, I'm ready. . . bring it on!!"
And that was just in the shower! You wouldn't believe the things that crop up when I'm listening to music!
I generally have a difficult time posting thank you comments to my readers, but I deeply appreciate all of you!
If you feel so inclined, please share me with others!
With Love,

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