Monday, May 28, 2012

An Update, And A Decision!

Hello my dearly beloved readers!!,
I have decided to begin writing about manifestation here! Now these
posts will be dated this year, but I will be writing them as though it
were already 2013.
To make things even more complicated for all of you *because I love
you*, I will be referencing things that have happened in 2012 as if
they've already occured as well.
I will be applying for a loan to visit the University of Naropa campus
in Boulder COLO sometime in the next couple weeks. *I'm waiting for
the application to arrive in the mail*.
So if I'm writing about January 1st 2013 I would write something like this
"The Naropa campis is absolutely amazing!! The staff are wonderful and
when I get back for registration I already have a place lined up to
stay! I made several friends on my visit! The loan I applied for went
through with flying colors and I am absolutely Greatful it did!! I had
several wonderful experiences getting to meet with staff, sitting in
on classes and checking out some of the local eateries and shopping
hubs! I even went to visit Denver 30 miles away and had a fabulous
time visiting one of their animal shelters speciffically for rescuing
CockerSpaniels! It was an amazing visit and I'm dying to get back!"
So that's how something like that would read.

I'm working on the language of manifestation here so I'm positive
there'll be a gaff here and there. My main focus though is perfect
imperfection, a very easy dream to achieve!
It means I focus more on my content and the emotion than whether or
not I 'WROTE' the 'RIGHT' thing!!
Whatever I write is RIGHT for me!

On another note I've done a pretty good job of keeping up with
tapping! I've missed once or twice, but also done two tappings a day a
couple of times. The tapping challenge lasts for 40 days and the
tapping world summit ended around a week and a half ago now, perhaps
closer to two weeks. I admit it, I haven't been marking days off my
calendar! Go ahead, spank me, but you can't take away my Birthday!
On another note I have settled on Naropa as written above. Yes, I
realize I've bearly kept anyone abreast of this ever changing
Once again, another story for another blog!!
Thank you to everyone who's been reading, you all are beautiful and
appreciated! In fact, you are adored!! I've gotten the most views from
the US, 31, and the least from the UK, 1. Though taken altogether it
states that I've received 1,794 views since I started this blog.
Woohoo for me!! I've always known I'm a ROCKSTAR!!
Much love and goodnight!

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