Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Naropa University!

This is a little story about what happens when one decides their NEVER going to do something, irrespective of what that something might be.

My something was school. College speciffically. I said NEVER again, NEVER, EVER again!!!
Well then the 2012 World Tapping Summit came along and I realized on the day that we were discussing how we identify ourselves that I had identified myself as someone who HATED school!
It seems to me I've written this before, so I'll spare you most of it. The short of it is that I LOVED school when I was little! I was so excited I had boundless energy and could not be contained!
It was only in elementary school that that love began to fade and in middle and high school that it was murdered!
Realizing that I was carrying around a false identity I began to Tap on it, twice as I wrote in a prior blog post.
After that I told the Universe I was here to co-create with her and was ready!
I sat there typing one day when the word "Non-Traditional" popped in my head so I ran with it.
"Non-Traditional Colleges" was what I typed into Google and the Huffington post popped up.
There were 11 Colleges on that list and I also came up with a few more thanks to a discussion board about Colleges.
I went with Naropa. I looked over the rest of the Schools on the list, but I really wanted a University so that I could go through a Graduate program *if I Desired* and wouldn't have to go for more schooling unless it was in my Pleasure to do so.
I explored Brown University and College of the Atlantic, but settled on Naropa U for it's Buddhist inspired Contemplative Education and the fact that they work with BODY and mind, not just mind.
I've been realizing over the past few months just exactly how NUMB and DETACHED I've been when it comes to my Body, so I was thrilled when I took in NU and realized what a Contemplative Education would really mean for me.
I can only speculate as to how an Undergrad or Grad program at NU will change my life at this point, but however it changes and shifts me I AM READY!!
Much love to all,
and thank you for reading!
"Like the sun we will live to rise,
Like the sun we will live and die!
And then. . . ignite again!"
"Live to Rise"--Christopher Cornell/Soundgarden, from The Avengers Soundtrack

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