Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Gorgeousness Journal, Thank you SARK!

What gorgeous things would you like to stand beside you? List 2 to 25 items in a column, as quickly as you think of them.
3. Honesty!
4. Trust!
5. A cool summer breeze!
6. Trees!
7. Lots of Cats!
8. Lots of Dogs!
9. A depth of awareness and subconsciousness the world has not yet known!
10. Babies, tons and tons and tons of Babies!
11. A hammock.
12. An El Paca bedspread.
13. Clean laundry!
14. Rocks of all different shapes and textures and sizes, ranging from very smooth and soft to weatherworn.
15. Roses, a whole field of roses!!
16. Birds!
17. A pile of freshly mown grass!
18. A pile of fall leaves, crisp and crunchy!
19. The sun!
20. The moon!
21. The ocean!
22. The earth! I would love for Mother Earth herself to rise up and stand beside me!
23. People, of all shapes and sizes, all colors and ethnic backgrounds, all religions and sexual orientations!
24. Snow, love snow!
25. Innocence. . . I would love for innocence to rise up and show us all that we're all innocent!
I took liberties here big time since leaves and grass and feelings or emotions don't 'stand' but it's my list and I can put what I please on it! Smile.
What if the one thing that I missed,
Was everything I need to pass the test,
And if I fail what happens then,
Can I still count on you as a friend
"Live to Rise"--Christopher Cornell/Soundgarden, from The Avengers Soundtrack

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