Thursday, May 17, 2012

Morning Pages: Random Thoughts Upon Waking

Good morning all!!,
So I actually started these Morning Pages back when I was a member of a website called the Pink Posse.
Just a website for all who Desired to to congregate and make friends.
Anyway, I picked up a book from Julia Cameron called "The Artists Way", and in it she recommends Morning Pages as a way of decluttering your thoughts.
So I did it for two days and that was it! Lol.
This morning I woke up and thought: "Ahhhhh!! Today I can finish my Home Play for class #1! *I'm taking a class with my coach Kimberly on Releasing Your Inner Vixen*. Then: Shiiiiit!!! Today's Thursday!!! Today starts class #2 and I haven't even written my Inner Vixen's Manefesto or Her Declaration to the Universe!!!"
And that was just in the first few seconds I woke! Mind you, I was listening to a piece of meditation music from Om Harmonics, and this still happened!!
I've been doing sooo many things as of late I could write 10 blog posts, but this morning I'm aiming for the random thoughts! Lol.
Then I thought, I really need to fall back asleep, I've only gotten about 7 hours of sleep. Am I really tired though? I usually live on less sleep. But I HAVE to do my Home Play for class before Module 2 is released! *check clock, clock says 8:51*, I say forget it, already passed 8, Mod 2 HAS BEEN released! Ok. . . I'm getting up. . . so I do. Well, sort of. I roll over on my right side and lay there listening to Sadie. I swear, my CockerSpaniel has giant ears that are more like a bug's antennae!! She KNOWS when I'm awake, even if I bearly move or even when I don't move at all!! So I lay there listening to her walk around and think she'll have to go out when I get up. I then wonder what the weather will be like because I refuse to freeze my ovaries off taking her outside! Then I think she'll pee on the floor if you don't take her out. . . Ugh!! I want to start my morning off fabulously thank you! Needless to say I don't actually climb out of bed for another 5 minutes or so. When I do I see my Science News Magazine stacked 3 deep on my computer chair which reminds me I gave Dad $40 to get my new birth certificate made up with my NEW NAME on it!
Yes, that's something else I did, changed my name LEGALLY! The hearing was held on Monday May 7th at 1:30PM and Judge Patrick J McGraw legally dropped 'lisa' from my name!! So I am now MICHELLE MEDINA!!!!!
So at some point I need to send in the court sealed paper plus the $40 to the state so they can mail me back a new birth certificate!
And those are just the thoughts I was able to collect before I sat down to write! I briefly thought about being hungry, reading those Science News Mags, continuing to Tap even though the 2012 World Tapping Summit is over!!! CRY!!!! And then another thought that TODAY IS THE DAY!!! My sister is taking me to the library to check out NON-TRADITIONAL COLLEGES!!! Yes, yes I know. . . I really do have ALOT to catch up on here. . .
I shall start working on an Affirmation like: "I post on my blog every day with effortless ease!" or "Posting on my blog is a breeze!" or something like that! Lol.
So anyway, the point of Morning Pages, which can actually be written at night before one goes to bed if one likes, is to declutter your thought processes. You just do your best to collect all these random thoughts and by doing so it makes it easier to either function during the day, if you write them in the morning or maybe sleep at night if you write them before you go to bed.
I'm willing to bet that if you're like me and working on noticing and putting your awareness ON the thoughts that come into and out of your head, it will make that easier to.
We have so many random thoughts during the day, I can't remember the exact number, but suffice it to say it's ALOT, that we rarely catch and hold what we're actually thinking. By slowing down and thinking about it, we can catch negative thoughts and begin to squash them before they get to far! By the same token, we can also catch positive thoughts and put our focus on them if we so choose. Not to shabby, right?
Talk later!
Listening to: "Bettterman" Pearl Jam!

What if the one thing that I missed,
Was everything I need to pass the test,
And if I fail what happens then,
Can I still count on you as a friend
"Live to Rise"--Christopher Cornell/Soundgarden, from The Avengers Soundtrack

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