Thursday, May 17, 2012

Evening Pages, My Day!

Good Evening All!!,
So i'm back for another round!
I don't know how 'Random' my thoughts will be this evening, but I read through the Morning Pages before coming to the end of the night and realized I hadn't Tapped yet, so I did that. Woohoo!!
Even though the Summit is over the challenge is to Tap for the next 40 days.
I just finished my first day!! Woohoo!!
I Tapped on school.
I suppose I ought to explain what Tapping is mayhaps?
The shortest explanation follows.
Our bodies have Meridian points in them, over 100 if memory is serving me correctly.
I know where SOME of these are.
The Chinese are the ones who found them and use acupuncture *sticking needles in corresponding points for different ailments* to alleviate pain and even make it disappear.
Tapping is the same thing minus needles! You Tap on the different points while discussing a problem you have. There is no wrong way to Tap.
So tonight when I was Tapping on school my set up statement went like this:
*Tapping on karate chop point *the meaty part of the hand between the first knuckle of the pinky and connecting to the wrist*
"Even though I identified myself as someone who hates school and by extention college, I choose to love and accept myself."
I said that three times,
Then Tapped on my eyebrows, outside of the eye, under eye, under the nose, under the mouth *so crease where bottom lip meets chin*, collarbone, underarm *for Women where the bra strap goes*, and top *crown* of my head.
The first time was negative, things like I hate school and I feel betrayed that the adults didn't protect me!
NOTE: Kids punched, kicked and spit upon me during my school days and the teachers gave them slaps on the wrists while the principal was not my PAL at all and allowed them to get away with it! The super intendant did the same right up until we sued when I was in the 6th grade.
Anyway, I filled that entire round with negative statements like that. I did a second round of negatives because I was still feeling it.
On the third round I alternated between negative and positive statements. If you're doing round after round it's not imperative to use the karate chop point, so after the first round I did the subsequent rounds
Eyebrows, outside of eye, under eye, under nose, under mouth, collarbone, underarm and top of head.
So eyebrows would have been something like 'I really hate school!
Outside of eye would have been something like: 'Maybe I don't hate school.
Under eye: 'I still really hate school!
Under nose: Maybe I'll be safe in college.
and so on and so forth.
The last round I did was all positive.
Eyebrows: I am safe now!
Side of eye: I will love and protect me!
Under eye: I am strong and capable of protecting myself!
and so on until I reached the top of my head.
One ends by taking a deep breath in through the nose and releasing it slowly through the mouth.
I have to say I'm not exactly sure how to describe my feelings at the moment, I'm not sure if their 'better' but they definitely aren't worse!! Smile.
I shall just keep on keepin' on and see what happens within the next few days!
We went on the hunt for colleges today, my sis copied the list from the HuffingtonPost and I'll start researching them tomorrow I think! Unless I get to excited that is, in which case I'll start researching before bed! I think not though because I do feel pretty tired.
I also helped Dad fill out that paper from the state today so he'll put the money and the paper and the court document in the mail tomorrow!! Woohoo!! One more thing done!!
I got everything for Module 2 downloaded so I can start working on that tomorrow!! Still have a few wrap up things to do for Inner Vixen 1 but nothing to difficult I'm happy to report!!
I finished my I love me! Affirmation today, got up to 1,000!! Then I started on "I am the essence of love!"
My Inner Vixen was definitely at play for that one!! Lol.
NIRVANA came on the 90's Alternative station I listen to through
It was "ON A PLANE: so KURT sings: "I'm on a plane!"
And the song gets over. I turn it down to focus back in on doing my Affirmations and instead of saying: "I am the essence of love!" I say:
"I'm on a plane!"
Lol! I just shook my head and said: "Um. . . I'm NOT on a plane! That's not even part of my Affirmation! Thanks alot KURT!" *picture big smile here*
Then my sister and her boyfriend came in and were talking to me and when they left I added in something they said to my Affirmation and had to do a course correction again! Lol.
Later on I was with R and my sis at a garage sale and I was trying to tell them that I read in yesterday's TriviaToday newsletter that mosquitoes are more likely to bite people who eat bananas. Only problem??? R said something about seeing a bee just before I tried to tell my story so I exchanged bee for mosquito and had to repeat myself twice before I could correct it! Lol.
Needless to say I was feeling pretty loopy earlier!!
Anyway now the night is just winding down, I plan on watching the Top 100 songs of the 90's 41-20 and then heading to bed at 1 or a little after.
I'm trying to think of anymore stray thoughts to catch but nothing's coming to me.
Though Goddess knows I could sit here and type all evening, it just wouldn't be 'random'!
Hope everyone gets a fabulous night's sleep!!

What if the one thing that I missed,
Was everything I need to pass the test,
And if I fail what happens then,
Can I still count on you as a friend
"Live to Rise"--Christopher Cornell/Soundgarden, from The Avengers Soundtrack

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