Monday, May 21, 2012

Inner Vixen, Affirmations and College Brags!

I Brag I got most of this week's HomePlay for Releasing my Inner Vixen done!!! Just a couple things left to go!!
I Brag I've continued looking at Liberal Arts colleges, some of them ALL Womens!!
I Brag I've taken the advice on procrastination given in one of the Tapping talks last week and have been spending 10 minutes on cleaning up my Harddrive!
I've spent more on College because I'm getting super excited about that!!
I Brag it's working and I've been either getting things done and/or getting more of them by breaking them down into 10 minute intervals!
I Brag I find I WANT to devote more time sometimes after the 10 minutes is up!
I Brag I'm up to 700 on my "I'm ready to face my fear of not being enough!" Affirmation!!
I Brag I'm kicking ass in all I do!
I Brag I'm beginning to make friends with my Inner Critical Bitch and my Inner Critical Asshole! Whadaya know???
I'm Greatful for Tapping!
I'm Greatful for being a member of Release Your Inner Vixen!!!
I'm Greatful for the FB chat that I can now respond to through Gmail!
I'm Greatful that this makes me a member of FB again via email!!
I'm Greatful that I got my name changed legally at the bank today!
I'm Greatful that they changed it through DHS last week!!
I'm Greatful for Kimberly my coach and leader of RYIV!!!
I'm Greatful for all the enlightened moments I've been having since 2012 began and in particular in the past 2 months or so!!
I'm Greatful to KURT COBAIN, my Brother Mark, my Grandpa Medina, my Grandpa Bennette, my Great Grandmother Lulu, my Uncle Kenny, my Uncle Louie, Mother and Father God and The Universe for coming through for me!
Playing the right music when I'm exhausted and want to quit working out early, being there to listen as I say my Affirmations in the morning, at night and during my workout sessions and for helping me be open to the world around me!
I'm also Greatful to them for helping me become more focussed on how I'm showing up in the world and helping me through this focus when I'm wrong and need to step up and apologize!
Thank you all!!
I'm Greatful to everyone who ever has, is currently and ever WILL read my blog!
Thank you all!
I'm Greatful to SH for checking into Flint MTA transportation for the near future!! Thank you!!
Thank you to everyone and everything on this list!

What if the one thing that I missed,
Was everything I need to pass the test,
And if I fail what happens then,
Can I still count on you as a friend
"Live to Rise"--Christopher Cornell/Soundgarden, from The Avengers Soundtrack

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