Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Braggin' On My Girls!

I never pass up the opportunity to brag about my Furry girls, so when
a friend posted on his status asking us to share about our pets I went
crazy with it! Enjoy!

I've got a puppymill thriver named Sadie, she's a beautiful 3-year-old
CockerSpaniel who acts more like a puppy then an adult! Lol. She
sleeps on my bed with me, & loves to lay on her stomach with her back
paws out behind her & her front paws all tucked up with her head on
them. She wags her whole rearend when she gets excited & when I leave
my bedroom door open, she runs from one end of the house to the other.
When my Dad calls to her 'Sadie! Sadieeeeee!!!' She runs & hides, only
to come out & chase him when he gives up on petting her & walks off!
I've also got a 3-year-old Main Coon cat named KittyKitty whom we
rescued from drowning in our ditch. She has some brain damage, but
she's absolutely adorable!! You know the parots who like to sit on
your shoulder? Well she's a ParaCat! Lol. She loves to sit on my
shoulder & wag her tail. Thinks she's Miss Prissy Cat! Lol. She also
loves to do high rise acrobatics on my arms & shoulders. she'll even
stand on my hand, how she manages to keep her balance I'll never know!
She trusts me completely though & I love that. My family members are
jealous. Lol. & she flaunts it. She'll stand on me & stare at them
like 'Nah nah nah!!' Lol. She's quite the kitty!

"It'll only take a few minutes. When does anything that's supposed to
take a few minutes only take a few minutes?"--Garfield - "The Garfield
Show" & he's right!

"Find me, feel me, fill me, then cut me up!!"--Shaun Morgan - Seether "Burrito"
"It's so cold out here tonight, I met a bear walking down the street &
even he was wearing pants!"--Elias Soriano Febuary 2009, joking about
Michigan's f-f-f-freezing weather!

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