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Sat, Sep 25, 2010 at 2:00 AM

Wow, what a show!!! I regret to say, that with all that's been going
on, I haven't exactly filled you all in about ELIAS yet, so I shall do
that next! However, this must be written, NOW! Right this minute,
while it's still with me!
I went to see ED Kowalczyk this evening! Former lead singer of the
band Live & a great one I might add! It was amazing!!! Absolutely
AMAZING! The show itself was great, he played "Dolphins Cry, Heaven,
All Over You, Lightning Crashes, I Alone, The Distance, Grace *from
his solo album*, & Dance With You". He played tons more new songs, but
I honestly don't remember their titles.
Anyway, like I said, the show itself was great! Everyone was swaying &
dancing, clapping & singing! Usually at a 'rock show', everyone's
humping everyone else, spilling beer on each other, smoking 'Juana, &
generally acting crazy. Lol. I mean, there's a place for that, I love
it! There's something very primal about being humped, but that's a
whole other story! Lol.
What really got me though, was "Dance With You". The night had been
great, Dad even stood in the pit with me, so that tells you how
subdued it really was! He only went to sit down when he absolutely
couldn't stand anymore, & when we left he said: "It was good, I like
him!" Lol! Ok people, my Father doesn't usually say that!! But Ed was
singing "Dance With You" & he had opened the door when he waded into
"Heaven" by dedicating it to all of us mothers, daughters, ladies. .
., but the flood gates came pouring in with "Dance With You".
He's singing & I'm standing there thinking:
"I'm a Goddess!! I'm a woman! I can give life & exude love & power &
greatness!" In my Dad's words, "I'm the coolest!".
Lol. Normally, your mother helps you to find yourself. You look up to
her, even if the two of you struggle when your growing up, you come
into your womanhood with her as a mentor. However, in my case, & in
alot of cases, women don't have that relationship with their mothers,
& I started seeking another 'mother' to mentor me. So I found it
completely shocking that a man brought me to that last step. I'd been
working my way towards it with Amy *Mamamorphosis*, & I've always
known there was 'something' about Ed's lyrics that I couldn't quite
put my finger on, but it turned out to be a man that brought me to my
realization instead of a woman. I found that quite shocking, but in a
good way.
I walked out of there feeling 'awesome!!!'. He stretched the song out
for 5 minutes or so just repeating & having us echo him.
"I wanna dance with you, I wanna dance with you. . ." & I'm actually
looking for a dance partner! Lol. I 'don't do' that! But I was this
evening, though I didn't find anyone. But it was great!!! He was
telling us how he's partnered with World Vision to help bring clean
water to kids in Africa, *he said: "It's my job to bring a glass of
water to my 6 & 8 year old daughters' bedrooms every night when I'm
home."* & he was thinking about how he took it for granted that he
could do that for them when people in other countries can't do that,
or if they can, they aren't sure that they should, because said water
could be dirty & unsafe to drink. So he wanted to do something about
it & partnered with World Vision on this tour to do just that. So I
was already thinking: "What an amazing man!"
I'm a humanitarian through & through as I said, so the fact that he's
doing something I will do someday was inspiring & then he ended with
"Dance With You" & I just went crazy, but in the best way possible! I
swear, I was flying, or at least my heart was. My heart has wings
now!!!!! Woohoo!!!
So this is me!
I am a Goddess! A beautiful, talented, exquisite Goddess, who can give
life! Who has power & strength & love pouring out of every cell & I
love it! I love me!!

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