Saturday, July 7, 2012

Personal Beliefs Under Attack

Sat, Apr 10, 2010 at 1:28 AM

So I haven't been here in forever. I could & will most likely give an
update, but not at the moment.
I have many things to say that I haven't said in the past week or so.
I have my beliefs & others can have there's. That's all well & good &
I encourage them to have said views, but to criticize me for mine is
hypocritical when they claim to be my friends & family & care about
That's why I'm a Gnostic Christian, yes I wrote it a Gnostic Christian
who believes in a MOTHER & Father God, ghosts, psychics (speciffic
ones), aliens, reincarnation etc. This is my life & I will do with it
what I choose, not what someone else chooses for me. As Doris
Schlesinger once said: "Think wrongly if you will, but think for
yourself". Well, that's what I'm doing & if I'm wrong, God will let me
know. So called Christians are always going around attacking gays &
lesbians, people with Aids, people who are black or Hispanic or Asian
or of different nationalities/creeds/religions. I'm not "that type of
Christian" & never will be. If you want to believe in Buddah or Allah
or animals or nature, your welcome to it & I won't disown you as a
friend or family member.
Now, I'm not saying we all have to agree, in fact, that's completely
what I'm against. All of us believe differently & that's what makes
ours a diverse peoples. We dress differently, talk differently &
believe differently, but there's almost always a common ground we can
meet on whether it's liking the same movies or music or art. I'm all
for it!
But there's a difference in having different beliefs & being attacked
for said beliefs. Attacks are wrong, friendly disagreements or open
conversations (asking questions about why I believe the way I do
verses why you believe the way you do), that's good stuff. But
attacking someone is completely different & I refuse to be attacked &
keep completely mum on the subject.

Secondly, I've been criticized for my musical taste. Rock music is
not, in my opinion dumb or stupid or horrible. Again, people are
welcome to their opinions, but saying: "So, are you still listening to
that dumb music?" is bull & out of line. That's just asking for some
verbal sparring, & at this point, I'm ready for it. I've kept my
temper in check, laughed & joked along while secretly dreaming of
punching someone in the mouth & ending up with a handful of bloody
teeth as my reward. I'm not vicious, but I can be when provoked.
I've said it before & I'll say it again, rock music has saved my life.
Yeah, you read it right, I didn't stutter. I haven't saved me, rock
music has saved me. I eat, sleep & breathe it. It's my oxygen, my
nutrition, it's in my blood & I have no regrets about that! So, "Suck
My Kiss"!
Anyway, now that that's out of my system. . .
I hope the few friends I have around here are doing good & wish anyone
who reads this my best.

Goren & Eames no more??? (cry)!!!

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