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Sat, Jun 26, 2010 at 12:12 AM

Alright, at long last, my NONPOINT post!
I went to see them on Tuesday June 8th. I was there early with my
friend Holly (also a member of PP) & was ecstatic to be there as
We were in the mosh pit, right up against the chainlink barricaid!
The first band was ho-hum, so we talked & stared & I almost fell
asleep! Lol. Not very rock, right?
The second band was Critical Bill. I'll be honest, they weren't as
good as NP, but they were good, & so I showed them some respect. I
usually try not to move until NP comes out so I don't waste my energy.
I give it all to E & figure there's no sense on wasting it with some
of the openers. Not to be cruel, but most of them aren't worth wasting
that energy on when you can't get it back.
Anyway they did House of Pain's "Jump Around"!! & my brother RIP, that
was one of his favorite songs so I danced & jumped & screamed the
lyrics! Lol.
They also did "Move Bitch"! (Ludacris), & I love that song so I gave
it my all. Their lead singer actually came over & bent down to listen
to me sing! Lol. I didn't realize it was him, but Holl said it was
Then NP came out!! It was the longest wait of my life!! Usually
there's 3 openers so I don't know if one of them couldn't make it or
what, but I basically rested until I heard the crowd start screaming.
They were in perfect form as usual! They ran through "Miracle, Bullet
With a Name, Broken Bones, Alive & Kicking, Witness, Hands Off!,
Whacha Got For Me?, 5 Minutes Alone (Pantera cover), The Truth, 13,
Frontline, & a few others. Honestly, I was so wired & so focussed on E
it was a miracle I could remember any of the songs! Lol. Plus, they
didn't play some of the ones they normally do! (cry)!! No "Endure,
Victim, Rabia, or In The Air Tonight"!
E did his usual moaning & panting on stage. He's very naughty!!! Lol.
By the time it was over, I could bearly walk! Lol. I was humped almost
the entire time they were on stage by the people around me! Lol. At
least Holl had my back covered, literally! Lol. She was standing
behind me & kept a tight hold on me when things got crazy!
I bought 4 shirts & a poster! Some of the best money I ever spent I might add!
So anyway, onto the wonderful meeting. . .
I have to confess, I go more for the meet & greets now then the show
itself. Lol. The show is always great, without question. As E said
himself, they move, they sweat, they squirt water on the hot crowd!
Lol. But I just love seeing him afterward! It's something I can't put
into words. I know I'm going to see him & my stomach flips & I wait
with anticipation like no other. It's like electricity flowing through
my veins!
So we're at the merch booth & we don't see them anywhere. Holl keeps saying:
"I can't find them! I don't see them anywhere!"
& I'm going:
"Well, their coming out. I know they are, they ALWAYS do!"
Lol. So finally she tells me to wait. When she comes back she says
something like:
"Make your decision. Whatever you want signed, get it cuz I found someone."
But she doesn't say who! Lol. & I can't decide, I want all 4 shirts
signed! Hell, I want my body signed!! Lol. But that's another story
entirely & not suitable for people under 21!
So I'm debating & he walks up & says in this voice I can't even
describe!!, think silk or melted chocolate over peanut butter (the
melted version of Reece Peanut Butter Cups),
"Hi. . . P R I N C E S S. . ." Just really drawing it out & I grab him & go:
Lol. He just says:
"I love you! I. love. you!"
Lol. Then he kisses my cheek, several times. I'm positive I lost
count. And I'm just thinking:
"Don't faint! Breathe! Speak! Don't faint!" Lol.
He tells me to say goodbye before I leave & he signs all my shirts!
Then he says to Holly:
"Now fold those so she won't lose them!"
Lol. So after he leaves I go:
"Mom, are you gonna fold them?"
Lol!!! She says I have to fold them & I'm like:
"Nu uh!! He said you had to fold them!" (grin)
So she does & I'm just jumping up & down! Lol. He's right there
talking to someone else, still so close I can hear him, so I'd be
willing to bet money he saw me, but I didn't even care! I just let
loose with it!
Well, turns out he left before I did, because he came back & I said:
"How is it that other people get to play paintball with you & I can't
have any time!" (grinning at him)
He says: "I know, but we got eaten alive by mosquitoes anyway."
Zach (guitarist) volunteers: "Yeah, & I got hit in the face!" He was
signing my shirts.
I said: "Look, I'd get eaten alive by sharks, ok!"
Lol. They laughed. I also saw Robb (drummer) & KB (bassist).
E leans over & whispers: "How you like my guitarist? Way more social!"
I just smiled. I asked him where they were going & he told me. I was
even more jealous after that! Lol.
I told him to behave & he gave me more kisses!
After the club closed Holl & I stood outside waiting for Dad. This guy
said we could go with them, but we already had our ride, so he waited
with us instead.
Honestly, I would have gone with them, I really would have! I wanted
so desperately to spend time with E & I always do!
It's horrible because we're both flirts & I'm always left craving more
time with him.
It's like walking on air or being high. It's so intoxicating & so
thrilling! I walk on air for a month beforehand & months afterward!
Initially it hurt after he went off the market. In fact he told me &
I'm like: "That's great! Wonderful!! Congratulations!!" & yet I'm
dying inside! Just dying!
He had asked me to stay after a few times, but it was in the infancy
of our friendship & everytime he asked either Dad had to work the next
day & he was the only one who'd come with me to the show, or I
couldn't get Holl to come to a show & he didn't feel like staying out
late so I couldn't.
I often wonder what would have happened if I had stayed, but our
friendship is what it is now & I wouldn't have it any other way. He's
the only person with a hard copy rough draft of my autobio &
therefore, the only person who knows EVERYTHING, about me. He said
he'd have it published already if he had the money.
As for my part, I have no regrets. I've had to choose friendship over
love twice & have always made the right decision. I'd rather have two
great friends in my life then two great loves that didn't work out.
Their still great loves & I would walk through fire for them, but
their great friends & I couldn't ask for anything more!

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