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My Own Ism!

Mon, Jul 5, 2010 at 10:13 PM

I have to give credit to Leslee for this one!!

My own Ism when it comes to religion. . .
I never thought of it that way before.
I grew up Methodist, both of my parents grew up Catholic.
When I hit my teen years, & even before that, I started to HATE God. I
mean, if he were a person I would have screamed & yelled & punched
"Why did you do this too me!! You're all knowing, all powerful, you
could have fixed me before I was born! You could have made my mother
miscarry! I hate you "FATHER", I hate you!!"
However, as he wasn't a person, I never said those things, at least
not out loud.

My mother used to watch Montel Williams often. Nearly Monday through
Friday all year round.
I don't remember when I started seeing Sylvia Browne on his show, but
mom was interested in her back then.
I was the one who said: "What? Oh yeah. Right. I believe that. I don't
believe in anything, not even her! Everybody's failed me, everybody's
cruel, screw them!"

Fast forward to when mom left. If I didn't believe in God before (yes,
you read that correctly), I sure as Hell didn't believe now!

For some reason though, Sylvia had never quite left my life. She just
sort of hung off the edges of my consciousness.
My friend Holly was going through the same thing & I new she got me,
so we comiserated on how horrible life was at least in the blindness

Anyway, I finally started reading some of Sylvia's books & was shocked!!
What? A Female God? Kind of like the Yin & Yang aspect! It's not an
Almighty Male God? He won't cast me into Hell? I wrote my own chart?
I've had a past life, make that past lives & charted my own course?
Ok, hold up! I decided to come into this world with a disability????
I'm not sure how I feel about that. I'm a control freak, so love being
in control, but if that's true, what drugs was I on!!?? Since when did
I start drinking alcohol & how much did I have the night I DECIDED to
come into this world with a superrare type of Cleft!!??
Who was with me! I want to know & I want to know NOW so I can properly
meat out punishment!
And then, another shocker. God was all knowing, powerful, wonderful!!!
However, we as humans started hanging human qualities on him/her.
Anger, rage, etc.
Why exactly do we want to sabotage something so pure & wonderful by
putting human qualities on something, someone so beautiful???
Needless to say, I was thoroughly confused.
I had to stop & think about all this.
I did. & I looked around at all the churches I'd gone & all the
newspaper articles I'd read & all the TV news I'd heard & something
struck me.
Every church I new of had some kind of limit.
We love everyone! Unless you're black, brown, GLBT, disabled, so on &
so forth. Oh, & some had limits. Only 20000 people will get into
heaven no matter how good you are.
& I decided then & there that I would do two things.
Follow the Church of Novus Spiritus as best I could, & secondly, but
most importantly, be true to myself!
So yes, I do have my own ism I suppose.
Be true to myselfism.
If I do something & feel bad, shamed, guilty, then I screwed up & I
shouldn't have done it.
If I do something though, & I don't feel bad, then great! I didn't
screw up & I can go on with my life.
I believe that hell is here on earth. This is hell with all it's wars,
abuses of power money people & animals. Corruption & greed & a mother
who can stick her child in a microwave, yes, for certain, this is HELL
to me, without question. With all it's hunger & deprivation & sorrow &
hate & pain, yes, this is hell.
Having said that, I do believe we're here to learn, to become better
people, to evolve & grow & change.
I also believe that other people are here to teach us.
Some teach us tollerence & love, others teach us how to bury a body
properly so we won't get caught. . .
Ahem, scratch that. I mean, they teach us how to walk away & let go.
If a person is toxic, hurtful, spiteful we should walk away & find
people who are the exact opposite.
We all deserve to be loved & uplifted, held & encouraged & respected.
Finally, as for the 10 commandments.
I believe as Sylvia once said (just as an example):
"Yes you should honor your mother & father, IF their honorable!"
Key question here: 'Are they honorable?'
Most people aren't nearly as bad as the persons I'm about to mention, but
If ted bundy or charles manson or albert fish or jeffrey domer had
children, would any of you say:
"Honor your father?"
I'm willing to bet not! At least most of us wouldn't.
So why not apply it to our parents? Just because they aren't serial
killers doesn't automatically mean they should apply for sainthood &
that we have to honor them.

Anyway, these are just my thoughts on the situation.
I think PP is the only place that doesn't purposefully & intentionally
avoid religion & politics. The other two "no-nos" in society.
Much pink love to all,

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