Sunday, July 8, 2012

Water Bed Dream!

Sun, Sep 5, 2010 at 12:39 PM

NOTE: Dot is a Kitten my sister brought to me 2 years ago and I took
care of her for a few months before giving her to a rescue group.

Hello Pinkies,
I'm not sure that one has anything to do with the other, but Dot
started having seizures again last night. I took her to get shots last
Monday, & the vet said she'd need her next set of shots in 3 weeks.
She also said that giving her seizure meds this early could do more
harm then good. Of course, she had stopped having seizures at the time
anyway, so I thought things would be fine.
So last night she started having them again & had 4 that I know about,
between 11:40PM & 8:23AM.
So I didn't realize how much I was awake with her, but it must have
been alot, because I was exhausted this morning. Things seemed to have
calmed down & so I went to sleep.
At some point, I was with my best friend Holly. I didn't realize it at
the time, but the bed we were sleeping on must have been a waterbed.
Lol. The reason why I say that *& the part that makes my dream so
totally weird*, is that I kept having this need to go swimming,
repeatedly in the dream, & every time she & I went swimming, all we
did was pull the blankets & cover off the bed! Lol. So we went
swimming INSIDE the BED in other words! Even I've never had a dream
like that before! I finally woke up when we were getting ready for
bed. We'd been lazing around watching TV, & then all the channels
signed off for the night. Yes, this was an old TV & back in the day,
though since I remember sign offs, I'd guess it was in the early 90's
*& we didn't even know each other until 1996! Lol.
But anyway, we had gone swimming Lord only knows how many times,
watched TV etc, & then it was time for bed. I woke up because I was
mad at the TV. Holl was fine with it, but I was like:
"No! You know I can't sleep with nothing on friend!" Lol. & then I woke up.
So I'm wondering now if I was looking for something, searching in the
water in the bed *considering how many times we went swimming*! Not
that I can think of what it was, & I'm not the greatest dream
interpreter, but I read in one of Sylvia Brown's books the importance
of dreams, so now I'm trying to figure them out when I have weird,
indecipherable ones like this.
Thank you for sticking with me through this long read.
I know someone else just posted a dream post yesterday, I swear I
don't know how mine came on the heels of hers! Smile

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