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My Night With SHAUN

Sat, Sep 4, 2010 at 11:52 AM

Hello Pinkies!!!,
So I haven't posted many blogs, or done much of anything else at PP as
of late! Things have been crazy here, but the good thing is, it
culminated in a beautiful night Thursday!!!! Here, the letter I wrote
to a friend on just how well it went!!

Last night was AMAZING!!!! I mean, we're talking, a performance that
was out of the park, out of the stratosphere in fact!!!!!
I absolutely adored it!! SHAUN launched into the newest version of
"DRIVEN UNDER" that they've been playing for people & I nearly
fainted!! Lol. I asked Holly to put me back together if I went all
Jell-o-we! Lol.
I can't say enough good things about last night! I just stood there &
smiled the biggest smile I think I've ever smiled!!
They opened with "No Jesus Christ", then straight into "Needles"! Not
in order, but the set list also included: "Burrito, Driven Under, The
Gift, Fake It, Broken, Fine Again, Rise Above This, & ended with
Remedy". Shockingly, no covers that I can recall, & there was just one
more thing, but I don't know what it was, maybe the beginnings of a
new song just to tease us?
Having said that, I also have to say that the vibe was different. I've
always felt very
connected to SHAUN *& I don't mean my crush*, I do mean an actual
"soul connection" if you will. He seemed more sad then anything last
night. The angry songs were more sedate & the sad songs more sad then
usual. Unfortunately, I think he's fallen rather far off the "wagon"
as they say & is back drinking & doing lord knows what again. Usually
that didn't change the performances in the past, but this time it did.
He likes to change up the lyrics alot! During "FAKE IT" For example he sings:
"Fake it if your out of direction,
Fake it if you don't belong here,
Fake it if you feel like infection!"
But in a live setting he'll change one of those choruses to:
"Fake it if your out of direction,
Fake it if you don't belong here,
Fake it if you can't get an erection!"
Lol! But last night there was none of that. He was just really
subdued, he kept thanking us, but he didn't even swear as much as he
usually does! Lol. Not that he swears often, but he does occasionally,
& he kept it to a minimum last night. He was just quiet & sedate,
played low key, didn't draw attention to himself, said thank you over
& over again & only at the end did he really speak up, just telling us
he was glad to be back at the Machine Shop & hoped to come back again.
I really wish I could have seen him afterwards, but that wasn't in the
cards. I hope I can again sometime, I'd love to just be able to talk
to him. Maybe I'll send a letter through windup or their Myspace,
though Troy *their guitarist* will see it then, but maybe he'll still
get it to SHAUN.
Still though, what I said at the beginning remains. It was an amazing
night & I can't wait to do it all again!

NOTE: I spoke with the boys at the Shop a while after that
performance. They said yes in fact he did drink, ALOT! He got up on
the bar at one point and while dancing around called Kevin *Shop
Owner* a "bloody wanker!"

"Put the gun in my mouth. . .
& pull the trigger. . .
I feel so alive here!
Put the gun in my mouth. . .
It tastes so bitter. . .
I feel so alive here!!!"--Shaun Morgan "No Jesus Christ"


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