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Mon, Aug 2, 2010 at 7:40 AM

My dreams are usually more goofy then scary, although I've had a few
doozies. I've drempt that my mother got arrested, that one was sad. I
drempt that our house caught on fire & we had to live in the playhouse
Dad made us. That one was funny, just because trying to imagine
cramming my than family of 4 into a playhouse that was filled to
capacity with playthings was just funny. I also had a dream that my
mother married rush limbaugh! Ahem, can all of you say scary? Now that
woulda been scary! Our family are Democrats, not republicans as he is.

I drempt one time that my than cat & dog, Snowball & Grace were ill &
I couldn't get a hold of any of the vets. I called every vet I could
think of but couldn't get any of them to answer! The odd thing is,
that was in 2008. By the end of the next year, 2009, both Grace &
Snowball had died of heart problems. *&, I wasn't able to get either
of them to the vet fast enough. Grace couldn't be seen until after 5PM
& she died at 4:35 & Snowball had an appointment for Tuesday December
2nd, but died the day before Thanksgiving.* I had another dream that
my best friend Holly & I were back at our old school. We went into the
bathroom & someone came in with a gun & started trying to shoot Holly.
We were in one of the stalls, the door was closed & I had pushed her
up against the back wall & was running from one side of the stall to
the other, kind of zig-zagging with the bullets as they came through
so she wouldn't be hit. I HATED those 2!! They were the worst dreams
I've ever had, without question!

& finally, I've saved my best for last:
For those of you who know what 3's Company is, a show that ran from
aprox. 1977-1986, it starred Joyce DeWitt as Janet, John Riter as Jack
Tripper, & Suzanne Somers as the ditsy blonde Crissie Snow,
originally. & then in later seasons kept Janet & Jack, but gave them
new roommates, first Cindy Snow *Crissie's cousin* & finally Terry
Hall the nurse & their last Landlord Mister Furley. Well anyway,
there's an episode where this guy Wally is looking for Jack. Jack was
always doing something dumb, hitting on women who already had
boyfriends, lying & pretending to be someone he wasn't, & other funny
stuff like that. So this Wally dude is looking for Jack & he & Janet &
Terry go to visit one of their families, someone who owns a farm.
Don't remember whether it was someone in Jack's family, Janet's family
or Terry's. But anyway, Jack adopts this Southern down-home accent as
Zeek, & Janet adopts one as well, pretending to be his wife. Somehow
Wally finds them, their cover gets blown & some serious hilarity
ensues! Amazing they could cram all that into a half-hour TV show,
right? Well anyway, Mister Furley is also along on this trip & while
he pretends to have a backbone that's hard as a rock, he's really
spineless when confronted with any type of danger. Lol.
So here's where my dream about these sitcom characters gets really
crazy. In the show, everything works out fine & Wally is the dangerous
one. As I said, Jack & Mister Furley don't have spines really to stand
up to anyone. So in my dream, the one you'd least expect to be the
aggressor is MR. Furley. . . Well, he does become the agressor in my
dream & decides to chase the 3 roommates down with a chain saw! Lol.
Talk about frightening! Here he is on the show, this harmless old guy
& in my dream he comes to life as a murderer! Lol. I could never
figure out why the heck I drempt that. As for Wally, he disappeared
completely in my dream, so I'm figuring that's how Mr. Furley became
the aggressor.
Alright, I'm done sharing now. Lol.

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