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Sun, Jun 20, 2010 at 10:05 PM

So I've been back for two days & one blog post. Ugh, gotta get back on
track! That's not the only thing I've slipped on either!
Anyway. . .
I saw SEETHER on Friday May 21st. SHAUN MORGAN their lead singer was,
as usual, in fine form! Although, I did notice he seemed a bit sedate
in the talking department. He also wasn't his usual wall of emotion.
Phil Spector had a wall of sound, SHAUN has a wall of emotion. When
you go to a SEETHER concert, you scream, you punch on an imaginary
punching bag. You scream obscenities at your bitch mother/girlfriend,
asshole father, etc. You vent & you cry for lost innocence. He changes
up lyrics:
"Fine Again" - "I hear you label me a liar" became "I hear you label
me vagina" once. I was right up front that time & crying like a baby.
I think he saw me. Lol. It made me smile & laugh & he carried on. That
was right before they got so huge you couldn't just walk up & "meet"
But the point is, you feel every emotion. From hate & rage to laughter
& love. You feel vulnerable & dirty & sexy & passionate! That night
was no different.
During "Fuck Me Like You Hate Me", I decided to jump on a chair &
dance. This security chick comes up to Dad & says if I don't get down,
their going to throw us out. My mistake, I should have left my cane at
home. Then I'd have been in the mosh pit, right at the barricade
instead of in the disability section, where you're expected to act
Dad said I just wanted to be a go go girl. Lol. But the truth is, I
wanted to be noticed. When I go to a concert, it's the only time I
don't mind being noticed. I want to stand out & have everyone talking,
& I don't have to take liquid or pill courage to do it. SHAUN & ELIAS
just inspire me to do those things. I feel like I fit in, like I'm
finally accepted & part of one mass of community. Maybe it's left over
remnants from the hippie generation, but I really feel connected to
people then. I don't hate them for staring or wish they'd just leave
me alone!
It's the only time I truly shine & show off. It's like being high,
without being high. I know what high is, overdose bad, normal high
great! Lol.
Nevermind that I also connect with the music, which is what allows me
to express my range of emotions.
So I didn't meet SHAUN this time, but I rocked it! Lol. In fact, it's
been 3 weeks, & my hip still hurts! Lol. Think I rocked it a little to
hard!! Lol.

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