Sunday, July 8, 2012

"Take It!!"

I stood in the doorway waiting for you to acknowledge my presence.
You didn't. You had your back turned & kept it that way.
It seems your back is always turned to me.
Psychology says make I statements instead of you statements.
Well screw psychology! I'm about to make the most unpolitically
correct statement there is!
This, all this is your fault! For once, you will take the blame!
For once I won't feel shame.
I won't feel guilt or lowly gratitude when you pay attention to me.
Not this time! You will feel it, not me!

I still stand here in this doorway, waiting hoping.
I know you'll let me down, you always do!
It's the one thing I can count on you for!
It's the one thing you're good for, good at!
Your back is still turned.
Your attention is still elsewhere & that's okay.
Today it's okay, because I'm leaving.
No more waiting & hoping, no more crushed dreams & blind faith.
No longer will I be the doormat you so brazenly stamp your feet on.
I'm done!

I move away from the door, slamming it behind me with such force it
nearly comes out the other side of the frame.
You finally turn towards me. You finally acknowledge me!
You finally cry for me!
But I don't care now!
All you've stood for is meaningless!
Everything you've said emptiness!
& you, you are now, finally, worthless!
Does it feel good?
Do you like it?
May I offer you some salt for your open wounds?
You can have it, I don't need it anymore!
Take it! Take it! Take it!!!

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