Sunday, December 16, 2012

December 16th: Friendship.

How has a friend changed you or your perspective on the
world in 2013? Was this change gradual, or a sudden burst?

The day I started classes at Naropa I met a Woman named H. She was
over the top, especially for being one of my friends! She was wild,
crazy, kind of likes to get into trouble on occasion, play pranks and
just be a big goofball. But I love her to death!!! She may be wild and
crazy, but that's the point!! We dirty dance in front of guys and
think nothing about it! We kiss and touch and do all kinds of crazy
things without taking our clothes off or even having to! Lol. We go to
concerts and dance on countertops without having had a drop to
And when things go wildly out of control, she's there for me. My
depression has been under control for quite sometime, but when we went
into summer break I had a major episode. She was there for me. She
just cuddled with me and even spooned with me. She wasn't
uncomfortable or didn't feel awkward.
So she changed my life with a sudden burst by making me realize that
Friends are out there!! Ones who are, for lack of better words, ride
or die bitches! Smile. She's with me when I'm acting motherly, when I
hate the world, when I hurt or suffer, to steal directly from Meredith
Brooks. She's with me no matter what and I know I can call her up and
she'll drop whatever she's doing to come sit with me. I won't take
advantage of it, but I know she'll always be there. I wasn't aware
that friends like that existed. FRIENDS in all caps!!!
Thank you Sister, I love you!!!!!

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