Friday, December 21, 2012

Gratitude Challenge Day 7:

Today is about taking stock. . .
I'm Grateful for the Babygirl I'm carrying, Olivia Marie!!!
I'm Grateful for my lovers: ELIAS R, Shayla, Maggie and SHAUN C.
I'm Grateful that Liv will have so many people who love her.
I'm Grateful to have a roof over my head, food on my table and all my
bills paid!!!!
I'm Grateful to have so many concerts to attend and so many people to go with.
I'm Grateful for all the awesome songs I've heard over the past year!!! Woohoo!!
I'm Grateful for all the wonderful people I've met!!
I'm Grateful for how easy University's been!!
I'm Grateful that learning comes alot easier to me than it did when I
was in my teens!!!!!!!
I'm Grateful that people actually take the time to teach me nowadays,
whether it's a prof or a friend!!
I'm Grateful that I've grown and changed so much over the past year.
Feels like I've blossomed!!!
I'm Grateful to have so many people that love me and to not have to be
alone unless I choose to be.
I'm Grateful for the new perspectives and outlooks I've been learning
from others.
I'm Gratevful that I've proven myself to be just as open-minded as I
believed myself to be!!
I'm Grateful to simply be. . .

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