Friday, December 21, 2012

Gratitude Challenge Day 6:

Today's is to take a picture of a person place or thing that you feel
Grateful for and share it.
Yes, you'll notice I finally wrote "GRATEFUL" instead of the other way!!!!!!
Let's just say that when you write in Braille shorthand for 20 some
odd years you sometimes miss the boat when writing on a
computer!!!!!!!!!! Lol. I have difficulty with words that end in
ation, ion, and shion to! Lol. Or ance and ence!
Anyway, on to today's project. . .
If I could take a picture of something I'm Grateful for it would be Garfield!!
I love this fat Cat more than I can say!! Lol.
Even now when I watch all the old cartoons I get a good laugh from
them. I do like the new "The Garfield Show" to, but "Garfield and
Friends" will always be my favorite!!
I'm Grateful for Garfield because as I said, he's always good for a laugh.
The show also can be quite educational with Orson reading all those
stories and Garfield making up the faux educational stories about why
the telephone was invented and how lasange came to be.
I'm also Grateful to him because it gave me a reason to get up early
on Saturdays!! Thing is he was just soooo cool I never cared that I
was supposed to be sleeping in or to have wanted to sleep in!! Lol.
I'm Grateful for the slapstick and the fantastic memories!!
Not to mention there's just something about watching Garfield that
makes me feel all warm and cozy like I'm sitting in front of a roaring
fire on a coooold winter night with a piece of Good Times Pizza, a cup
o' hot coco and perhaps a small bowl of popcorn to! Lol.
Ok, I admit it, I also love him because my apetite for junk is as big
as his!! Lol.
I'm lucky I'm not as big as he is!!! Lol.
Believe me, it taint for lack of tryin' though!!
Only lately have I been trying to slim down, but that's another story!!
Thank you for the fabulous times Garf.
Can't wait for more!!

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