Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Fwd: The Virgin Sex Chronicles - Double Fantasy!

Originally Posted: Date: Mon, 1 Nov 2010 20:50:58 -0400

I'm not one for fantasizing, I've just never been 'good at it'. There
are only so many things I can conjure up, & I need to know what the
hell I'm talking about in order to conjure it up! What does it feel
like? How does it smell? How does it make me feel inside when I see
it? If it's a person, then there's even more involvement. How close
have I gotten to that person? What do the contours of their body,
face, feel like? How do I feel when I'm near them? What do they smell
Well, not this evening!!
I was listening to an album of World Music from Spain by a band called
Armik. The song was "Primavera".
& all of a sudden, boom! I have no idea what I was doing, or why I'm
even in front of the computer! It's only then that I realize I was
thinking about you & about him.
It was hot, summertime and I was feeling your face again. I vaguely
wondered if you'd put my hands on your face when I asked to feel it or
just bent towards me. He bent towards me, but he also put my hands on
his face. My next flash was of naked sweaty skin. The 'show' was over,
but the real concert was just beginning! I remember more of him
because I've seen him so many times. With his shirt off. I've held his
hands & know their big thick hands, solid, but soft. Which lead me
back to yours. Were they hard or soft? I couldn't remember. But your
face was soft. Your skin straight out of the womb perfect & kissable.
I didn't kiss you, but I seriously considered it. Now I wish I would
have! Probably would have shocked you, being as trusting as you had to
be to let me touch you like that. After all it's not everyday some
woman comes back stage & requests to be allowed to perform such an
intimate act. It's not truly an intimate act, but definitely intimate
for two strangers such as us, & definitely intimate from where I
And then I was back to reality. What was I doing again? Oh, right. . .
I was downloading music. It's 20 degrees here in Michigan & I'm not in
Spain! Worst of all, you & he aren't here! Damn damn damn!!
But at least I've had a flash of fantasy, & though I still can't
remember what your hands felt like, it's okay. I remember what they
felt like on my back, when you were hugging me, & I suppose that's
I've just promised myself the next time I meet you, since I see him so
much more, I'll capture those hands & remember what they feel like!
I'll get them burned into my memory, that way I'm not trying to figure
it out next time!
Love you both, S & E.

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