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The Virgin Sex Chronicles

Originally posted 10/27/2010

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Don't ask where the title came from, it was just floating there in my
head & I liked it.
I told Caren last week that I was considering posting a topic in the
Owning Sexy forum, but I've decided to post as a blog first. There are
a couple of issues here, both dealing with sex, but one is
masturbation, the other is a confession of sorts that I'm finally
ready to acknowledge, publicly.
I've been masturbating since I was young, 6-7 actually. Our house was
always pretty liberal about sex, so I even asked my mom if it was okay
for me to masturbate & she said it was fine. Funny to think of asking
permission when most people hide it! Lol. Anyway, I tried masturbating
off & on with my fingers. It has no effect on me whatsoever, yes, I've
used lubricants. I bought them when I bought my vibrator, *4 years ago
now*, & even before that, I found ways to lubricate myself. Anyway, as
I said, it has no affect on me. I don't get much pleasure from it. I
can use the showerhead or my vibrator & get results, but fingers &
lube seem to be out of the question.
I'm fine with it for now, but I was reading Tracy Cox's "Hot Sex", &
she brought up the importance of being able to show your lover how to
please you. I won't be able to show them how to please me if I don't
get any pleasure from it on my own.
Any thoughts or suggestions here?

My confession:
I've heard people talk about men 'sowing their wild oats'. It's
practically expected in our society, though I'm sure not all men do
so. Most of the time however, women are viewed as sluts or whores if
they even attempt to sow their wild oats, let alone if they succeed at
I'm 24 & still a virgin. When I was young I felt fine being a virgin.
It was my choice & I was happy with it. Now, at 24, I've come to feel
it's overrated. In fact, I'm getting to the point where I consider
having sex with anything that moves. Of course, I haven't acted on my
thoughts, but they are there & it can be difficult to ignore them. If
I'd had half a chance, I would have tried to bed certain people with
whom I've had close friendships with & adore. Since I haven't had the
chance & their attached or otherwise unavailable to me now, I've begun
to consider sleeping with any female I feel an attraction to instead.
I generally feel more comfortable around women anyway, so I've even
looked into going to an all woman's club here in Michigan.
Unfortunately, or maybe, fortunately, there aren't any close by, but
I'm willing to go to Detroit or Grand Rapids or where ever to get what
I want. The only thing that's stopped me is lack of transportation or
money to pay for said transportation.
I know all about safe sex *which I would do my best to achieve*, & I
also know about monogamy. However, with me not being in a
relationship, it's not something I have to concern myself with, & so
I'm just ready to have sex, period, NOW! The religious aspect of it
has been long since dropped & I don't feel amoral or bad for saying
I'm tired of being a virgin & ready to have sex with someone.
Now, the only question left is where do I focus the energy?
How do I deal with my thoughts until I can get what I want?

"It'll only take a few minutes. When does anything that's supposed to
take a few minutes only take a few minutes?"--Garfield - "The Garfield
Show" & he's right!

"Find me, feel me, fill me, then cut me up!!"--Shaun Morgan - Seether "Burrito"
"It's so cold out here tonight, I met a bear walking down the street &
even he was wearing pants!"--Elias Soriano Febuary 2009, joking about
Michigan's f-f-f-freezing weather!

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