Monday, December 17, 2012

December 29: Defining moment.

Describe a defining moment or series of events that
has affected your life in 2013.

Defining moment??
When I found out I was Pregnant!!
I had been soooo afraid that I "couldn't" get Pregnant. I have PCOS
and there's a 1/4 chance my Baby will have my Tessier Cleft and so on
and so forth it went!
It took LOTS of hard work on my part, separating myself from my mother
and sister and their Pregnancies and from my own worries about myself.
I truly didn't think I'd just "get Pregnant". I had been expecting
hardships and difficulties until I moved here.
I very quickly started to realize just what a strong link thoughts
have to what happens in our lives. I "knew" that before, but I didn't
understand it completely. Once I got here and started up with
contemplative education, keyword being "CONTEMPLATIVE", I realized
just how much pressure I was putting on myself with my thoughts.
So I backed off and started changing my thought patterns. I became
dedicated to it, taking 10 minutes out every morning, afternoon and
evening before I went to bed and boom!! I noticed considerable changes
quite quickly.
Weight loos became easy and seemed to happen effortlessly! Before I
knew it I was off all meds and my periods were banging down my "door"
if you will, monthly and for the most part on a pretty regular
Even the doctors were surprised, but they encouraged me to do what
worked for me so I did and then. . . no period end of May beginning of
June, no period.
The funny thing is, Elias and I made love and I just felt it
afterward. I felt different. Hard to explain, but the intuition was
there and I just "KNEW". So we got a Pregnancy test and there it
was!!! I flipped!!! Sheduled an apt and found out for certain, I was
I nearly exploded with happiness!!! I ran out and told everyone, even
people who didn't really care!! Lol. I couldn't help it!!!
And now here I am in late December typing this up. There is no moment
that can compare to this, with the exception of actually giving Birth
to my Baby Girl!!

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