Thursday, December 27, 2012

Gratitude Challenge Day 11:

Looking through the eyes of a child, give thanks for all you take for
granted, down to the basics of your current life. . .

Hm. . . I'm grateful for the song I'm listening to right this moment:
"I Could Fall in Love With You" by Selena.
I'm Grateful for the Spanish words she's whispering right now.
I'm Grateful for the feelings of love and wonder this song evokes in me.
I'm Grateful for the soft breeze I envision blowing through my open
windows while Selena sings.
I'm Grateful for the rocks I was skipping in the water earlier today.
I'm Grateful for the water!!!!
I'm Grateful for my tv and my radio!!
I'm Grateful to have all the bills paid!!
I'm Grateful for my bed and my dresser and my closet and my nightstand!!
I'm Grateful for my animal girls!!
I'm Grateful for the roof over my head!!
I'm Grateful for the maintainence people who keep everything up and
running for me and are so nice and polite!!
I'm Grateful for transportation whether by bike or car or train or
plane or bus!!
I'm Grateful for clean water to drink and fresh air to breathe!!
I'm Grateful to be alive!!!

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