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#Reverb10 Wed. 12/15/10 - 5 Minutes

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December 15:
5 minutes.
Imagine you will completely lose your memory of 2010 in
five minutes. Set an alarm for five minutes and capture the things you most
want to remember about 2010.

Hmmm. . . What I most want to remember about this year are my birthday
party my Holly threw for me!!! Tuesday/Wednesday 1/12/10-1/13/10! My
concert experiences with SEETHER Friday 5/21/10, Thursday 9/2/10, & my
concert experiences with NONPOINT Tuesday 6/8/10 & Sat. 11/27/10! Also
my concert with Ed k formerly of Live Friday 9/24/10! That was the
show where I realized my Goddess status! IE, there's a Goddess in
every woman, & that includes myself, it's just a matter of me
welcoming her, but she's always there, no matter what!
The mental changes I've made & the amazing series of letters I wrote
*still not finished*, to my mother's inner child & my own inner child!
Anything I did with the Friendis! Anything I've done after becoming a
member of the Pink Posse!

"Something in the way. . .
Hmmm. . .
Something in the way. . .
Hmmmm. . ."
--Kurt Cobain "Something In The Way"
"Pain? You don't know what pain is!!"--Author Unknown

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