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#Reverb10 Sat. 12/11/10 - 11 Things

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December 11th - 11 Things.
What are 11 things your life doesn't need in 2011? How will you go
about eliminating them? How will getting rid of these 11 things change
your life? _

Bah Hum11 Things! Lol. Why not just ask me to dress in a Hawaiian
skirt & do the hoola whilst standing on my head???
Sometimes lists are my forte, other times, NOT! This one is ever the
latter! Lol.
Anyway. . .
1. Negative self talk!
I can eliminate it by purposefully focussing on what I'm thinking &
putting the brakes on the negative thoughts. This will help me to feel
better about myself.
2. Drama! I can eliminate it by either not being around people who
create it/have it or alternately, when it's in the house where I live
by STAYING THE HELL OUT OF IT!! Lol. I write it in all caps because
I'm not always good at that! Though, in all fairness to myself, I've
been better & I can see how it's helping me already to feel better &
be happier!
3. Continuing to pay attention to the music I listen to & what comes
up for me. I learned a few weeks ago how the word 'can't' makes a
person into a victim of someone else. I don't see myself ever giving
up my rock, it's a way of life, period, but what I do see is me paying
closer attention & continuing to switch the words in the song where
applicable so even if their saying can't I'll be saying won't. It
helps me by giving me back my power!
4. Continuing to dig around in my pain & resolve it. I'm not one to
believe that all the pain will ever be eliminated, but I do believe
that some pain can be eliminated, & the pain that remains can be taken
down several notches so that it isn't so visceral & doesn't feel like
it's happening for the first time over & over & over again. It will
help me release myself from guilt & maybe even think of old memories
or hear old songs without causing me to fall apart.
5. Changing my surroundings! By the end of 2011 I want to be moved to
Texas, in a relationship, on my way to getting a job & maybe even
pregnant! The thing I need to eliminate in order to do that is my
concern over logistics. While they are important, they aren't the end
all be all in the world, so I need to dial that part of my brain down
considerably & let my creative kick-ass side take over! This will not
only help me in my life to feel better about myself/my life
circumstances, but will also allow me to see big changes where I used
to think there would never be change. Talk about a big jump in
6. Change my eating habits & exercise! Even writing that makes me say
BLAH! Lol. So this won't be an easy task! However, I believe that
changing my mental state & physical environment will play a big role
here! Being in a place where I have access to transportation would
readily get me out & getting me out would improve my mood. It would
also give me an opportunity to make friends & maybe join in dancing or
something more suitable for the type of exercise I'd like to do. I may
just try to find a different word for exercise in fact! We've got
SEX-ercise so why not something much cooler like that? Eating better
is something I CAN do, I just won't most of the time. The food doesn't
taste as good & I get to a point where I just don't want to eat
anything at all & would rather starve myself then eat. However, if I
did exercise & eat more healthily, I would lose weight & have alot
less pain in my ankles & hips. I would be able to move more freely &
feel better about myself because I could do more of the things I want
to do! It would also get me ready to be pregnant! I want to be a
healthy mom while carrying my baby! Not that being healthy is an
either /or thing, but I want my baby to come out healthy & not the way
I came out. Though healthy moms can have unhealthy babies, risks do
decrease when your a healthy person!
7. Being mindful of what/how I'm feeling & acknowledging it! I again,
don't believe in total elimination, of anything *except crime*, but I
can always improve upon the progress I've made. The hardest thing for
me sometimes, is to say: 'Yes, I'm hurting!' or 'No, I'm not fine.'
The minute I do acknowledge my humanity though, say that I'm hurting
or sad or angry, I feel better just having confessed it to someone
else, even if they can't help, they can still hug or hold me. I'm just
used to being a rock for others & appearing falsely I might add, as
superwoman. It will help me to feel like I'm being taken care of, like
my need to be looked after instead of always being the one who looks
after, is being met & I will feel better knowing I'm not carrying
whatever burden I'm carrying alone.
8. Taking more time to flesh out my concert experiences, what they
mean to me/how I feel about them! I never would have pegged this one,
but a while back I was talking with my Life Coach Amy & she pointed
out that the fact that I would be so upset & devistated if I couldn't
attend a concert most likely meant there was more to it then the
release of anger, frustration & the giant increase in feeling alive! I
do feel alive after a concert, superalive! In fact, that's the most
alive I've ever felt. See my post on Moment from the #Reverb10
challenge for just how alive I really feel! Delving into it will help
me gain a better understanding of myself & how I can feel alive all
the time & not just partially alive most of the time. Again, not
something to eliminate, but definitely something to observe in hopes
of furthering my self-awareness & understanding myself.

Think it's time to stop, I was drawing blanks by the time I hit 8 as
concerts aren't something I wish to eliminate! Lol.

"Something in the way. . .
Hmmm. . .
Something in the way. . .
Hmmmm. . ."
--Kurt Cobain "Something In The Way"
"Pain? You don't know what pain is!!"--Author Unknown

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