Saturday, December 22, 2012

Gratitude Challenge Day 8:

Thank you notes!!!

Dear Shayla,
Today is about sending Gratitude to those whom I don't thank enough,
and you are one of them.
I am Grateful to you for taking me under your protective wing when I
first got here. I knew very little of anyone inside or outside of
University, and even those I felt attached to I didn't know very well.
You took me out and showed me around from Boulder to Longmont and
Aurora. Great memory by the way!! Thank you for that to.
You taught me about the place and you taught me about the geography of
a Woman who wasn't me. . . Thank you!!I shall be eternally Grateful.
Here's to you my Sweet. . .

Dear E:
Thank you forgiving me our beautiful Babygirl. Without you I wouldn't
be carrying her, and I have no words to express my Gratitude.
Thank you for realizing just how capable I am even when I ask for
help. My biggest fear was that asking for help would detract from my
abilities in any person's eyes who wasn't visually impaired like me.
It's a constant uphill battle to be taken seriously with any
disability *as you've witnessed*, and I was afraid that you to
wouldn't take me seriously or worse, would see me as lacking,
incompetent or weak if I asked for help. I'm thrilled to find my
worries were over nothing!!
Thank you for your fabulous command of Denver and it's bus stops!!
You've proven envaluable there to!!
Thank you for opening up to me and being vulnerable. Your
vulnerability allowed me to expose mine to.
I love you Baby, thank you. . .

Oh. . . where do I begin exactly??? Thank you for the vote of
confidence when I was dealing with that egotistical Prof from the
other University who came to "learn us" for a few months. Think we
learned him personally, but that's another story entirely!! Lol. *huge
Thank you for that twisted little surprise on our lunch break. . .
still can't get over that!!! It was one helluva diversion though. . .
they should call you the stress buster!!!
Especially effective for upcoming tests and finals!! WARNING!!! do not
drive after use!!! Lol. What am I saying? DO NOT DO anything after
use! Just rest!! Lol!!!
Thank you for going to sooooo many concerts with me!!
The fact that you'd drive to Texas and Oklahoma and where ever else
over this summer so we could see all our favorite bands was
Thank you for being the best roadtrippin' buddy ever!!!!!
Can't wait to see you, E and the others tonight!!!!
Stay safe my Love. . .

Dear Maggie:
Thank you for everything Mamas. . . the shoulder to cry on, the
massages, especially since I've become Pregnant!!!, for the late night
study sessions, the cooking, the cleaning. . . thank you for helping E
and I find a mid-wife who we trust.
Thank you for walking us all through this since you've done it before!!
Thank you for the love and comfort since I've been here, but more
speciffically when I first got here and had a bit of a rough time.
Thank you for the love and understanding and patience.
Thank you for encouraging me to dream epically and do my thang as you say!!!
Huge hugs!!!

Thank all of you for your support, love, incredible amount of
patience!! For your staminas, resilence and tenderness.
Thank you all for your knowledge of relationships, love and give and take.
Thank you for being the most loving family I've ever encountered!!
I may never know what I did to receive all of you, but then again,
does it really matter what I've done?
I think not.
I love you all!!
Hugs, kisses, and. . . LOTSA dirty thoughts!!!!!

Dear Hailey:
Thank you for being an awesome friend!!!
Thank you for the travelling we've done and all the trouble we've
gotten ourselves into!! Lol! Couldn't have done it without you, my
fabulous partner in crime!!!!!!
Thank you for rockin' so damn hard!!!
Thank you for all the bartop dancing and the karaoke and the gooffing
off when the lectures were just to damned boring and to damned
long!!!!!!! Lol.
Thank you for being the one to shout out that. . . particular comment.
. . the one that made the prof's jaw hit the floor, the one he never
figured out who said it because there were over half the student body
there!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!
You have no idea how long I spent snickering and unable to raise my
head for fear of being caught!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for being full of energy and my little live wire!!! I can't
believe I went so long without one of those!!!
Love you Baby Sister!!!

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