Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Grattitude Challenge Day 2 Greatful Alphabet Soup!

Ok, I signed the contract and engaged in all this 2 years ago, but
just finally got around to posting all the Gratitudes here within this
It should also be noted that the original postings took place during
November, and there was only 21 days worth, including the signing of
the contract.
With that out of the way, here my Gratitudes!!
And, since I'm doing this in December, I'll see if I can do only
Christmas based Gratitudes!
A. Apple pie with whipped cream! That's what we have at our house!!
B. Bags, as in Gift Bags!! I love when they have decorations on them
that you can feel!
C. Christmas Music!!! I love Christmas Music!!
D. Decorations! Talking Snowmen on sleds and santas', Angels and the like!
E. Everything I missed. . . Truthfully, some of these letters are
difficult, or already taken, so stockings, fire in the fireplace,
Santa! Icicles!!! Brrrrr, but also so awesome to feel!!
F. FOOD!!!! Lol. Who could pass up the food???
G. Gifts!!!! 'Nuff said! Lol.
H. Hallmark!!! The talking decorations they release!
I. Igloos, snow forts and snow angels!!
J. Jingle bells!!!! Hello, can't believe I forgot this, or almost
forgot it!!! Love the sound of bells!!!
K. Kindness. When we give to Goodwill or the salvation army. We give
all year, but there's something about giving at Christmas time that I
can't really explain.
L. Lights, because I like the warmth I can feel when I touch them.
M. Mistletoe!! I've never actually been kissed under it, but I still
think it's awesome!
N. NONPOINT!!!!! Seriously, the guys do a show practically every
December at The Machine Shop, and it would feel weird if they didn't
play around Christmas time nowadays! Smile.
O. Ornaments!!! Love ornaments!
P. Pinetrees! The smell. Honestly, without a pinetree it wouldn't be
Christmas for me. No sprays will ever do! Lol.
Q. Quilts and comforters. With it being so cold around these parts
it's all about being warm and toasty by December!!
R. Reindeer!!! Love reindeer and actually got to pet some once!!!
S. SNOW!!!!! Snowmen, snow, sledding, anything to do with it!!!
T. Tape: I love the smell of wrapping tape. This to reminds me of
Christmas and without it, I wouldn't feel "right"! Lol.
U. Umbrella. Because it rained just over the weekend. Not something
you normally think of, but as I said, weird weather!
V. Velvet. Again with the warmth factor. When it's hitting 10 degrees
you need HEAT!!!! Lol.
W. Wrapping paper!! I just love this stuff, I could role around in it
like a Cat roles in Catnip! Lol. Just love it!!
X. Can't think of anything but a xylophone! Lol. 'Course, I did get
one of those for Christmas one year. . . Lol!
Y. Yule Log! Hello heat and warmth and comfort. . .
Z. Zip-up pajamas. . . I'm warm and toasty now. . .

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