Saturday, December 22, 2012

Gratitude Challenge Day 9:

Talents Abilities and Personalities!
Here's today's.
Enjoy the people around you. Take a moment to appreciate their unique
talents, abilities and personalities.

Honestly can't remember what I did for this last time, but that's
probably a good thing anyway!! Lol.

I'm going to do something like I did with the thank you notes, but
with less spelling errors!!!! Lol.

Dear E:
I love the way you sound when we're making love, the way I can hear
that smile of satisfaction and appreciation before, during and in the
I love the way you laugh during sex, how it seems to bubble up from
somewhere way deep down inside you and how relaxed it makes me feel.
I figure if you're cool with the weird things that can happen during
sex then why shouldn't I be? Lol!!!
I love the way you hold me and the way you talk to Olivia.
I love the silliness that you indulge in so often.
I love how happy you are. I didn't even know it was possible to be that happy!!!
Thank you Baby, thank you!!!!

Dear Shala:
I love your singing voice!! It's something to behold!!
I love your belly-dancing capabilities to!!
Thank you for being so willing to teach me how it's done!!
I love how comfortable you are in a crowd. I've been learning to take
my cues from you!!
Spank ya Lady. . .

You have this infectious laugh. I swear the whole world could come to
some horrible end and we'd be laughing even as we died!! Lol.
I adore your hair. . . I could play with it for hours upon hours. . .
yes, I know, that's what's gotten us into trouble before, but who
I love how thoughtful you are, always bringing roses or a little box
of chocolates, a bottle of perfume or even just some organic fruits
and veggies.
I love that you do things without my having to ask. You just seem to
anticipate and do accordingly.
That ability may not have come easily based on the childhood you had,
but I truly appreciate it.
Thank you Babe. . .

Dear Maggie:
Thank you for your wisdom. I love your knowledge Girl!! Lol.
I love your ability to dress well and help me do the same.
I love the fact that you have such a fantastic visual memory you can
even help me to "see" things!! Your descriptions are incredible!!!
I love your intuition to.
You like SHAUN seem to "just know" things.
You all rock!! You're awesome, fantastic, vonderful!!!!!

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