Thursday, December 27, 2012

Gratitude Challenge Day 13:

How the Gratitude challenge has changed my perspective thus far??
I've known for a while that I had a fabulous life these days. It's
been fabulous pretty much ever since I showed up here in Boulder!!
However, sending out Gratitudes into the Universe has only made me
realize just how fortunate I really am. If I compare 2 years ago to
today??? There is no comparison!! That's how fabulous my life is right
now!! I'm overflowing with Gratitude!! I'm flooded with it, and
sending it out into the Universe has only brought it back to me
ten-fold!!! Maybe 20-fold!! Lol. It's just been wonderful!!
What's more, I've been passing it along at work and now others are
undertaking the Gratitude challenge with me.
I mean I already participate in a walking club a swimming club and a
bike riding club. Why not a Gratitude club? So that's what we're doing
at work now.
We're all noticing the effects to.
One of my coworkers got a check in the mail unexpectedly and another
one met a Great Woman the other night!!
As for me. . . my relationships are coming along swimmingly and Livia
is even seeming to notice, kicking and splashing around quite

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