Thursday, December 27, 2012

Gratitude Challenge Day 10:

5 senses:
How many gifts have I received from them?

1. Hearing.
I heard a Baby cry, a Cat meow, E's breathless voice. . . many
breathless voices actually, a violinist so fantastic it brought tears
to my eyes. I heard many different voices: some nasal and some clear,
with accents and without *in other words they sound like my family of
origin*, some voices that were high and some that were low, some thick
and some thin.
I heard phones ring, car doors slam, apartment doors bang, horns
blare, bells jingle.
I heard people sinnging, chanting, conversing. I heard laughter and
smiles in people's voices.
I heard guitars and drums and clicks and pianos and other weird sounds
that some one put on a loop to play off and on during the songs.
2. Smell.
I smelled roasted almonds with cinamon. . .
I smelled the pancakes Eli made withchocolate chips and strawberries
with whipped cream!!! YUM!!!
I smelled people's distinct smells as I moved through crowds and into
and out of stairways, elevators and other places where they had been
before me.
I smelled apples and oranges and and bananas and other fruits at the
fruit stand SHAUN and I went to.
I smelled gas at the gas station and exhaust from a car.
Shay and I walked past a building not yet open where people were
painting and I smelled my Dad as he to is a painter and I could see
him there instead of the nameless painters who were there.
I smelled Baby powder and that Baby smell that all Babies have.
I smelled the inside of my CD cases, the CD cover booklets. . . I
smelled the coffee brewing in the office where I went to ask for
directions because I passed my original destination. Lol.
I smelled pepermint hot coco and orange juice and chocolate milk.
And those are just what I came up with in the past few minutes!!
3. Taste.

I tasted all different tastes when I was kissing my lovers over the
past few months. . . everything from wine *YUCK!!!*, to mint to
orange. I tasted the skin and juices of my lovers, savored a juicy
peach and a delicious pear. I've tasted salt and sour and sweet. I've
tasted anything and everything as tasting has been something I've been
engaging in ALOT since I've moved.
4. Touch. . .
I've touched skin that was soft and skin that was rough. I've traced
scars and the raised bumps on the arms of those who were cold and
those who were. . . HOT and those that are just always there like the
ones I have on my arms. I get them from my Dad.
I've touched the wet silken folds of my lovers and the course hair of
others most intimate places. I've touched fur and faux fur and treated
and untreated wood. I've touched asphalt and cement and gravel and
grass. I've touched tile and marble and carpeted stairs. I've touched
leather seats and satin sheets. I've touched circles and squares and
rectangles and triangles. I've even touched cylinderical objects and
cubed objects.
5. Intuition:
This will be the most difficult sense I've under taken this year. We
take intuition to mean knowing when "bad" things will happen, but it's
much harder to follow your gut on something or pick up on the fabulous
things that are happening around you.
This year I have intuited the fabulous alongside the not so fabulous.
I "just knew" that ELI and I were right for each other. I was right. I
just knew that Shayla and I were a match and we are. I knew about
SHAUN and Maggie to.
I knew that the girls would adjust beyond my wildest dreams and guess
what!!?? They have.
Sadie has tons of friends from the Dog park and KittyKitty in all her
Catitudinal glory adores E!! She lets him pet her belly!!!!!!!!
HELLO!!!! She doesn't let ME do that and I'm her MOTHER!!!
Her sores from her alergies are all gone and she has been playing with
Sadie! That's another thing, Sadie's PLAYING!!! And I mean really
playing!!! I never saw that coming.
I found myself a Great doc who is actually concerned ABOUT ME!!! She
listens to all my concerns, spends as much time with me as she can and
gets me help from specialists as needed!!
I'm on ZERO meds and life is grand!!!
How's that for intuiton?

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