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#Reverb10 Thurs. 12/9/10 - Party!

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December 9th - Party.
What social gathering rocked your socks off in 2010?
Describe the people, music, food, drink, clothes, shenanigans._

Ok, I lied, at least I did if I wrote this before, this will actually
be my shortest Reverb post! No parties this year! In fact, the last
party I went to was. . . so long ago, that I can't remember it!
Now, intimate gatherings. . . That one I can write about!
My friend Holly through me the best birthday party ever! It was just
the two of us hanging out at her place & I got to listen to whatever I
wanted! She made me pancakes for breakfast, think we had a cheesy
hashbrown helper for lunch or dinner & she gave me a massage & let me
soak in her tub with bubble bath, a candle & a cute little pillow! It
wasn't about the size of the gathering, but about being able to relax
& the friendship! The fact that my best friend did this for me because
she new how much I needed it, especially since I tend towards major
caring for others instead of internally caring for myself.
Love you friendis! I'll never be able to outdo you now!

"Something in the way. . .
Hmmm. . .
Something in the way. . .
Hmmmm. . ."
--Kurt Cobain "Something In The Way"
"Pain? You don't know what pain is!!"--Author Unknown

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