Sunday, December 9, 2012

Day 3 of the Gratitude Challenge One Thing I'm Greatful For.

I am greatful for my hearing. Hair won out for Sunday's list, but I was listening to Seether yesterday & realized once again, just how greatful I am to my ears! I can hear every nuance in Shaun's voice, every hitch in the guitar's breath, every moan of the bass & heartbeat of the drum. Every whispered cry of the instruments as they play together. They rise and fall, roll and bubble over each other. Of course, it's not just with Seether, it's what makes up the essence of every band I love. The way the singers inhale deep breaths before launching into a scream of epic proportions that makes the throat bleed & the vocal chords strain to bursting through the neck. The way the sweat cascades off them during a live show while the music pulsates & throbs all around me. It takes over my blood & I can feel it coursing through my veins, pounding in my heart & keeping time with my racing pulse. Without my ears, I wouldn't feel these emotions, this overwhelming love & lust, fierce rage & painful agony, the tenderest feelings of love & compassion. Without my ears, my hearing, I wouldn't exist, because it is through music that I live, breathe & connect with the world around me. -- "It'll only take a few minutes. When does anything that's supposed to take a few minutes only take a few minutes?"--Garfield - "The Garfield Show" & he's right! "Find me, feel me, fill me, then cut me up!!"--Shaun Morgan - Seether "Burrito" "It's so cold out here tonight, I met a bear walking down the street & even he was wearing pants!"--Elias Soriano Febuary 2009, joking about Michigan's f-f-f-freezing weather!

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