Sunday, December 9, 2012

Challenge, Thank You Day 8 of The Gratitude

NotesThank you notes! Dear Dad: I just wanted to write you a little thank you for always being there for me. I know firsthand that it isn't always easy. Sometimes it's hard for me to separate & distinguish between the Father/little girl relationship & the Father/adult daughter relationship. I like to tell you everything, but hate having to ask for your help in everything. If I decide not to tell you something then it puts a major strain on me so I end up telling you anyway. Is it your business that I bought a vibrator? Not really, but if your balancing my checking account you end up having to know. Hence why I've switched to gift cards now, thank God for them! Lol. Anyway, while things between us often feel/seem complicated, I just want you to know how appreciative I really am for everything you do for me. I'd have no life at all if it weren't for you wearing all the different hats you wear while helping me. This could be super long, but I'll save the sentimental stuff for later when I'm actually functioning & not just doing this because I can't sleep & need to get it finished. I love you! Dear mom: Thank you for the negativity & baggage you've left in your wake. Without it I wouldn't know how to be a better person. Admittedly I've had many moments to be angry with you & even say that I HATE you. The time for that is over now though. It is what it is, our relationship is what it is, & it's time for me to leave the damage behind. This wasn't my baggage to begin with, & I don't need to keep the same story as you. Though it'll be hard at times, I'm ready to release all of it, no matter how long it takes. So thank you for teaching me how to be strong. I needed it. Dear Uncle Jim: Just wanted to say how greatful I am to you for bringing rock music into my life! I remember how you & Dad hung out all the time when I was a kid & hearing the story later on from Dad of how when I was a tiny tot & visiting the apartment you two shared, I would blast the stereo whenever Guns 'N Roses "Sweet Child O' Mine" came on & you'd yell: 'Alright Lisa!!!!' *Note: for any pinkie reading this, I was born with the given name Lisa Michelle Medina. I hated Lisa & vowed for a long time to change it. Though I haven't changed it legally *in a court of law*, I have changed it online & off for all intents & purposes* I needed that encouragement & for more reasons/in more ways then one. I only wish you were still alive so I could thank you in person. I imagine your in Heaven cheering me on at my concerts & when I listen to my rock music now though. Thanks Uncle Jim!! Dear Friendis: What can I write here that hasn't already been written or spoken? I absolutely love you & thank you for your unconditional love. I regret to confess that I've been so busy grumbling about the way things 'aren't' going, that I've neglected to realize the true measure of your love for me. I know very few people who will accept me for me & not ask me to change unless I'm the one who wants to change. Thank you for being one of those few people!!! I luff u!!!! Dearly departed: There are more of you then I'd like to admit, Great Grandma, Grandpa & Grandma Medina, Grandpa Benit, Uncle Kenny, Uncle Louie, Jodi, Tigger, Snowball, Duke Senior & Grace just to name a few. . . You all came into my life for different reasons, some clear & some not. I'd like to take this opportunity to send over to the Other Side, my heartfelt thanks & gratitude. Without all of you in my life, I wouldn't have become the person I am. I wouldn't be as loving, forgiving, accepting or welcoming. Grandpa Medina, though I didn't know you personally, I owe you a very special debt of gratitude. If you hadn't raised Dad as you had, he very well may have left us after I was born. He may not have been able to handle the hardships he & mom faced with a disabled & disfigured child without your guidance when he was a boy. Thank you for teaching him unconditional love, acceptance, bravery, loyalty, work ethic, pride, honesty & the list could go on endlessly. It is an honor to bear your last name. Your Grandaughter, Michelle Medina

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