Sunday, December 9, 2012

Day 10 of the Gratitude Challenge: 5 Senses!!Day 10 of the Gratitude Challenge: 5 Senses!!

Dearest Pinkies: A small note here. I've been doing the gratitude challenge for 9 days now, technically! Lol. I was gone this weekend visiting with my friend, so posted days 8/9 a bit ago. Oddly enough, I'll be gone later today, Monday, through Wednesday *I'll get back in the evening*, & won't have access to the net while I'm gone, so I'm posting days 10-12 to keep up! At least that's what my goal is, whether or not I actually will, as it's 2:30 shall remain to be seen. Anyway, Day 10 actually starts what's supposed to be a 5-day challenge: Pick one of your five senses to focus on each day. Take note of how many gifts come to you via that single port of entry. Write about this experience. However, as I said, I'll be gone, so I'm going to backtrack here & mention why I already appreciate my senses, & it'll actually be a 4-day challenge since I only have 4 senses! Unless you count that 6th sense/intuition/whatever you wish to call it. So bearing that in mind, here goes! Hearing: I'd be lost without my hearing. Being blind I've heard tons & tons of talk about Helen Keller. While I used to get angry because I felt like I was supposed to live up to the expectations everyone had of her, or fill her shoes as the 21st century version of her, I think it's safe to say my feeling of competitiveness is pretty much gone. After all, she is dead & has been since long before I was born. At any rate, I do give her mad props & can't imagine being without my hearing. The things I would miss boggle the mind. Everything from music *which I won't even go into as I already have a million times*, to the beautiful sound of a tiny baby's cries. It's sad to hear them cry, but at the same time, there's something beautiful about the sound. We'll never sound like that again & that new baby sound disappears quickly. The meowing of a cat & the howling of a dog or wolf. I love animal sounds in general, but hearing a cat or dog 'talk' back is a truly magnificent thing. Every cat has his or her own way of talking back & so does every dog. Our old cat Tigger for example, used to say 'Mao' instead of 'Meow'. I used to joke that he had belonged to the chinese president Mao in a former life & that was why he said 'Mao' instead. Lol. My dog Grace used to make a sound that sounded like: 'ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!' when she didn't want to do something & I made her do it. Going out to go potty in the freezing cold or driving rain for example! Lol. She could also howl like nobody's business. It was the most tragic howl in the world. I remember once when we had this stray come to visit & Dad & Becca went out to pet him. Gracie stood at the front door & howled! I went to pick her up & brought her into my room. She was so devistated she just kept howling even though she couldn't see them anymore. I new mentally that it wasn't a big deal, but I'm telling you, if you ever needed a good cry & couldn't get going on your own, all you had to do was look to Grace for help. She'd start up & have you convinced of the world's injustices & unfairness in a matter of 2 nanoseconds. I was crying by the time they came back inside. Lol. As for Sadie, she howls along when I sing. She's very offkey, but it doesn't matter, she just throws her head back & lets it go! Lol. She could probably be a soprano in the CockerSpaniel doggie choir! Lol. I love the sound of wolves howling, similar to my Spaniels, but different. The sexy moans, growls, purrs & voices of my favorite singers!!! My life would be completely boring & lacking in fantasy material without them & I wouldn't have them without my hearing!!! Smell: It's amazing how the senses can connect you to a former time & place so quickly. I can smell moth balls & remember when my parents were separated & we were visiting my mother's boyfriend whose house smelled, yep, you guessed it, of mothballs! Lol. Not exactly a wonderful memory, but not one that sparks crushing agony either, so it's okay to think about it. Roses, lilacs, dandylions, & violets! My favorite types of flowers & all scents I'd miss bitterly if I couldn't smell! Clean Baby smell, anyone else on board for this??? You just want to eat them whole!!! Lol. Any dessert!! The ocean! Freshly cut grass, rainfall. Movie theatre popcorn!!! That Christmas smell of trees, fire, tape, coco, cider, doughnuts & the like!!!!!! Taste: Hmmmm. . . I must confess, at the moment, taste & I are kind of not working well together. I'm finding myself eating things, but not really being hungry for them, so not tasting them, or tasting them but not enjoying it. What's more, I regret to admit that I haven't lost my taste for chocolate candy bars! Lol. So at the moment, I'm glad for taste so I can taste mint, chocolate, gum, Coke, milk, fruitables, fruit punch & my early Thanksgiving dinner! Touch: Clean sheets!!! Hot clothes straight out of the drier! Animals, of any kind. While fluffy/fuzzy is my favorite, scaly & feathery & leathery? *like elephants* are all great feeling! Hugs, being held *which doesn't happen often*, back rubs, holding one of those special someones' hands, sand between my toes, soft carpeting. -- "It'll only take a few minutes. When does anything that's supposed to take a few minutes only take a few minutes?"--Garfield - "The Garfield Show" & he's right! "Find me, feel me, fill me, then cut me up!!"--Shaun Morgan - Seether "Burrito" "It's so cold out here tonight, I met a bear walking down the street & even he was wearing pants!"--Elias Soriano Febuary 2009, joking about Michigan's f-f-f-freezing weather!

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