Sunday, December 9, 2012

Usually I actually have to put some effort into the GC, which is aDay 17 of the Gratitude Challenge: Sadie's Mishap

Usually I actually have to put some effort into the GC, which is a good thing! However, today, my gratitude came maybe an hour after I woke up, it's just taken me all day to come back & write about it. I got up & put Sadie out this morning, she's my puuuurrfect CockerSpaniel for anyone who doesn't know! Ok, well, she does chew & today she was a very misbehaved pup, so I guess she's not purrfect, just near purrfect. . . Lol. Anyway, I called her back in about an hour later & didn't notice anything wrong. She gobbled her food as always & inhaled her water like normal. Anyone who doesn't know us & watches her eat probably thinks I starve her or something, which is patently untrue! Anyway, I went to give her a pat after she was done, & what do I smell??? FUEL!!! Talk about panic! It was all over the front half of her, paws, chest, & all around her ears & mouth, almost like she'd rolled in it, but only partially rolled in it. So I called the vet & they said to use Dawn dish soap to get it out. We didn't have any so I just washed her with what I had on hand. Luckily, she hadn't eaten it, I had my sister check around her teeth. Believe it or not, she usually has bad breath, so it was hard for me to tell. They say she's fine *bad breath* I mean, so I don't know how to remedy that! The first thing I said was 'Thank you Mother God!!!! I love you!!!' I only buried my Gracie last January & all I could think about was that Sadie would die & it'd be all my fault for being a bad mother & not watching her every move outside. Needless to say I've been calling her in after about 10-15 minutes all day now. I've got the Dawn & will be washing her again tomorrow morning. I figured it would be cruel & unusual of me to subject her to 2 baths in one day, hence why I'm waiting til tomorrow morning. I probably needed to do something to punish her, but I was to happy that she was alright to do anything so I just patted her & told her if she ever did it again I'd bathe her everyday for a week! Lol. Hopefully the fact that she hates baths will deter her!!! In gratitude to Mother God, Gracie & the Universe & the Patron Saints of CockerSpaniels if there is one, Chelle -- "Something in the way. . . Hmmm. . . Something in the way. . . Hmmmm. . ." --Kurt Cobain "Something In The Way" "Pain? You don't know what pain is!!"--Author Unknown

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